Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ukelele Festival

Since it was raining on Saturday, we were happy that there was still something to do.
Rick took Summer & Sierra to a Ukelele class.  They had fun.
They learned Soul Sister by Train as well as some other more traditional ukelele pieces.
They said that there were about 150 people there and only about 5 of them were "kids".
Although, with all of the Seniors on this island, that probably included Rick.  
They came back from their class to pick us up to go to the entertainment and shopping.
We watched this 15 year old boy play.
Look closely at his right arm.  It end at the elbow.
And he was really, really good.

After the performance, we went around to the various activities.  
The favorite was lei making.
Sierra chose orchids.
Cole & Summer making a Plumeria lei
Kelli & Nan
Cole didn't actually make the lei.  One of the instructors just gave it to him.
I was pleasantly surprised that he left it on all afternoon.
modeling our leis.  We smelled so sweet.


Carroll Family said...

This looks so fun and relaxed!!! You guys are so comfortable in Hawaii - I think you know everything about it!!! We'll have to get some pointers when we go!

Amara said...

Your house is still standing. I DID see a strange man there on Sunday stealing your Sunday paper and walking back into the garage, but since he looked kinda like Rick I didn't worry too much. Plus Hooey was happy to see him. Anywayenjoy it for all of us poor saps still stuck here in WINTER. I think about you there a lot, and not always in the nicest way... :) But I am starting my seeds today/this week, so that should cheer me up a little. Any requests for seedlings?