Friday, March 18, 2011

love on the Big Island

We're always on the lookout for attractive, rich men for my mom.  We look for a wedding ring.  Mom says that when she sees a ring on the left hand "it's probably just a friendship ring."
This cute man was walking along the beach and he stopped to help Cole with his boogie board.  
 I told my mom that I thought he was "the one".  And wouldn't you know it...I picked the only man on the entire island who would be wearing cutoff 501's on the beach.  I looked around to see where he left his cowboy boots.
Nice guy, but he kept walking.
 I guess it was more than a "friendship ring". 

check out the hot chick that Cole found to help him build a sand castle...
Nice choice, Romeo

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Amara said...

I hope those people don't read your blog! Naaah.