Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sea Turtles

We went for a walk along the beach to look for shells while Kris was here.  
There is a little tiny boat launching area along where we walked.  
(apparently the diving is spectacular right out from where we are staying)
One of the dive guys hollered at us as we were walking and pointed out these sea turtles that were just coming out of the water to soak up some sun.  
They do it every day in the same spot at low tide.

We were able to walk out on this wall and the turtles were just below us. 
Except that it is illegal to touch them--Summer!!

 Aren't the colors amazing?
Rick preferred to walk out on the lava and check for turtles that were still swimming.

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Amara said...

Probably my favorite part of Hawaii was seeing those guys swimming around just in the breakers, or right by the beach. it doesn't seem like they could possibly propel themselves forward with those awkward appendages flopping around, but they're FAST! Jeff didn't know about the no touching thing at first, and got hold of a big one's shell when we were snorkeling, and it took him for a ride. Wish it were me. Maybe in the millennium I can talk one into it.