Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"T" words, by Cole

Since Cole is missing school, I told him that he had to do homework.
This week his class is learning about the letter "T".
So, for me to get enough peace and quiet to take a shower, I let Cole use my camera to take pictures that started with "T".
He came back with the above self-portrait so that I would know who took the pictures.
And below is the trellis and trees.
He also took many pictures of trucks.
Use your imagination on the trucks.  
I posted my favorite 2 of the bunch.
Maybe I will let him do this again some time.
EDITED:  It sounds like I just sent Cole out on his own.  I don't want anyone to call the Hawaii Department of Child Protective Services, so I will state for the record:  Summer was with him the entire time.  There are about 20 pictures to prove it.  He took pictures of her tongue, teeth, and toes, among the other "T" things on the list.


Carroll Family said...

REALLY awesome idea!!! And, I impressed! I'm gonna used this one!

Jacobson Five said...

I'm glad we are not skimping on the education. Good for you.