Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 year in review

Hello 2013!  We started out our New Year in St. George.
Even though it's one of our favorite places, we felt that it was right to sell our condo there.  September was our last visit.

In January, Rick got a brilliant idea to give crossfit a try.  I was not sold at the beginning, but I figured I could give it a try.  I am so glad that I did.  I have made lots of new friends, finally found a place where I belong, become so much stronger, done things I never thought I could do...and Rick and I usually go to the gym together which is fun.  And the kids are enjoying their own crossfit classes each week as well.

 In February, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  She endured 6 rounds of chemo and surgery.  In August she was given a relatively clean bill of health and is continuing regular check-ups and treatment.

Celebrated my birthday in February.  Got some gardening supplies.  Came in handy a few weeks later when we finally got our garden boxes ready.

Also in February, Summer's band--Horizon's Echo--competed in Battle of the Bands at MMHS and they won.  They went on to compete in the regionals and didn't win.  But, they learned a lot.  Summer tried to introduce Sierra into the band.  Not all member of the band agreed and so Summer and Trevor broke off from the band, brought Sierra along, and are now known as the SASH.

Celebrated Papa Ken't birthday at Arctic Circle on March 25.

We gave the girls Imagine Dragon concert tickets for Easter.  so. much. fun.  (Rick had to work)

Rick started his gun business this year.  He got his FFL and is in partnership with Rob Campbell.
He's made friends with lots of local law enforcement.  I hope that comes in handy.

Lunch with good friends from Kirksville.  Me and Savoldi:

In April, I was able to chaperone the MMHS Choir on tour to Chicago.
It was so much fun.  I had no idea that choir geeks could be so much fun.

In April Rick and I ran in the Ragnar Zion Trail run.  Boy, that was hard.  Can't wait to try it again!

Super fun to bump into Matt and Jacque, friends from Medical school days--Kirksville & Grand Blanc.

In April, we attended the Airbourne Toxic Event concert in Salt Lake for Rick's birthday.
We were running a little bit late because the girls had a conflict.
Lucky us, that found us arriving at just the same time as the band!! 

Mom had surgery in April.  
Here we are playing on the elevator trying to waste some time while we wait.

In May, Cole finished his first year of Chinese Immersion.
Ms. Chen was a great teacher.

Sierra graduated from 6th grade in May.  She loved Mr. Groneman.

Cole enjoyed a few rounds of swim lessons in June.  He's a fish, just like his sisters.

In June, Dolores hosted a mini Dalton family reunion. (Morgans & Robisons)

We also planned a Herlevi Family Reunion in Torrey, UT.  

Rick took up beekeeping this year and we got our first 2 hives in June.
We started a little late, but it was so fascinating to watch the bees and learn about making honey.
Sierra joined Rick and has her own bee suit now, too.

We were happy to participate in the Pleasant Valley Days Celebration over the 4th of July this year.
(It was cancelled last year because of a wildfire and we were sad to miss out.)
Summer and Sierra performed in the Talent Competition again this year.  And won again.  And were told that they were no longer eligible to compete.  
They might as well just be the entertainment next time.

Also spent some downtime in Scofield shooting and relaxing.

On Monday, July 22, I took my mom up to Huntsman for her last Chemo treatment.  Here she is with Mary and Carrie (her treatment coordinators), Juhta (her nurse) and that other guy that loved on her.

Rick and I were so lucky (sarcasm) to be given the assignment to chair the Mapleton 24th Celebration Fun Run and 5k.  And Rick was even more lucky that he had to work that day and couldn't actually be part of the celebration (more sarcasm).

On July 30, we went to St. George for Choir Retreat.  3 days of nothing but singing.  oh joy.
Rick was off work so he brought Cole and Sierra down and met up with us when we saw Mary Poppins at Tuacahn.  

In August, we went to Las Vegas to celebrate Summer's 16th birthday.
We saw Mystere.

Surprise.  a blue bag.  a blue box.  Happy 16 Summer!!

Visited the Grand Canyon on a cold and foggy day in August.  We went from 115 in Vegas to 57 at the North Rim.  #forgottopackcoats

Continued working on Larry's yard throughout the summer and fall.

Back to School brought us to Homecoming.
Summer and Kelly

The SASH played at the Homecoming Spectacular.

Sierra's birthday was the same weekend as Homecoming.  
She turned 13 on Friday the 13 in 2013.
She got a new bass guitar.

Grandma Nan and Max got married in September in Las Vegas.

Started work on the inside of Larry's house...
...one thing led to another and we were taking down everything but the studs...
...and even the chimney had to come down...

One day in October I checked the girls out of school early, dressed them up in 60's garb, let them wear lots of make-up and took them to BYU Broadcasting Studios and left them for 9 hours--on a school night.  They were extras in the Imagine Dragon Music Video for On Top of the World.
Summer even got to kid Dan Reynolds on the cheek.  What a fun day!

We decided to go to Disney 
1.  because Rick had a vacation week, 
2. BK & Jason invited us, 
3.  to celebrate Cole's birthday!

the ferris wheel in California Adventure...

sitting out on the Tower of Terror

One thing Cole really wanted to do was drive the cars...

We hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year because it was a special day for us--Cole turned 8!  (Monumental birthdays this year...16, 13, and 8)

8 year old tradition--new Scriptures.

The following day, Friday, November 29, Cole was baptized by his dad.
Another fun day of food and family...
Cousins, eating waffles and breakfast casserole

In December, Max and Nan hosted a Christmas party so that all of us could meet all of them.
Lots of fun, but Nan outdid herself and was wiped out for days.

Sierra is loving Jr. High and went to the Christmas formal dance in December.

Also in December, the SASH went to Idaho to do a show and to film a video.

Still doing crossfit.  Getting stronger and better every day.  
Loving my new hobby and my new friends. No plans to quit any time soon.
Signing up for some races in 2014 to see how crossfit will help the running game!