Monday, December 30, 2013

Cole is 8

Because Cole turned 8 on Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated big for his birthday.  
Even though he chose Pumpkin Pie over cake, Kris made him a cake anyway.
Plus, we still had 3 pumpkin pies.

I got Cole set up with Scout gear for his birthday.
He's so excited.

Cole was baptized the following day.
This is a picture of Cole with Sister Wilkins.  She is the bishop's wife, but she was also the Primary President for a long time when Cole was in Junior Primary.  She has always been so sweet with Cole.  We just love her.

A little mingling after the baptism.  
Thanks to all of our family for coming.  This is a huge step for Cole and we really appreciate the support since we have a pretty small family.  (are we even Mormon???)

We invited the family over for waffles, breakfast casserole, fruit, and juice.
Thanks again everyone for participating in the celebration.
We had a great time.  

All of our Robison cousins (minus Brody).
What a crazy group of kiddos.
Kinda funny that we started out with 4 girls, then added 5 boys.
Always keeping things organized.

Loving the super November weather.  

Cole's first time at Scout--pack meeting.  They made cards to be delivered to ward members by the Activity Day girls.  Cole was so serious about his card making skills.

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