Saturday, July 12, 2014

Las Vegas Show

So, this one time my girls set up a show to play a gig in Las Vegas with a band named Rococo.
They met Rococo when the SASH played a show in Provo last winter with a band named Brumby.
It was a super fun show with lots of people.  One of the boys in Rococo is a brother/cousin to some the boys in Brumby (who are all students at BYU.)  It's all about making connections!

On the way to Las Vegas I posted a video of a little practice sesh while driving through the Virgin River Gorge.
I didn't think much of it, until Dolores started texting me telling me that my cousin Russ would like to come to the show.  I gave Dolores some of the deets.
Russ said he couldn't guarantee that he'd make it to the show since his wife Katie was in Nauvoo and he was playing Mr. Mom for the weekend (Memorial Day Weekend.)  
I was pleasantly surprised when Russ and his 3 kids showed up to the show.  They live just around the corner from the home where the show was playing.  His kids were little angels and just sat and played in the sand, dirt, and grass while we sat and talked for nearly an hour.  Thanks for coming Russ!!

This is what Sierra was doing while the other band members were setting up the stage and getting things ready.

Hanging out after the show.

Brady, Nick, Trey, Aaron, Trevor, Summer, Sierra
(Nick graduated from HS a few weeks ago and the SASH is currently working on recruiting him to play with them for a while when he attends BYU before he goes on a mission.)

Hanging out after the show.

Making new friends.

It was a fun weekend.  We took Trevor with us and practically starved the poor kid to death.  (I cannot believe how much food teenage boys eat).  We stayed at Kristine's condo that was nearly empty since she was selling it and moving out in just a few days.  The SASH had fun making new friends.  The boys came over and got them after church on Sunday to come back over and hangout for a while.  We drove back on Monday morning.  
THEN, a few days later I got a message from a good friend of mine from Orem 48th ward, Kendall J.  saying that he lives in Henderson and some of the priests from his ward were at the show.  They could not believe that Kendall knew the parents of the girls who played the show that they had gone to see.  It's a small, small world.  Kendall said they were much impressed and to let him know the next time we have a show in Vegas/Henderson.  Will do!!