Sunday, October 25, 2009


We took a little field trip that last weekend to Las Vegas to attend the U2 concert. It's my 4th, 3 of them in this same stadium. The last time I was there I was pregnant with Summer. Wow, that's been a long time. It was so worth it, so much fun. The stage was unbelievable. We read that it is a $30 million stage. They have been touring since last spring and as of Sep. 29, they still had not broken even. It costs $750,000 each day to pay the entire stage crew. 120 semi's to transport the equipment. Not very environmentally friendly. They've gotten a lot of criticism from the environmentalists. But, it sure made for a great show.
a little story...when we lived in MS, I purchased tickets to see U2. The closest show was in St. Louis a mere 7 hours away. Just 2 weeks after that purchase I found out that I was pregnant with Cole and was due the week of the concert. So sad. I had tried for such a long time to get pregnant. Rick was always trying to plan a trip for us, but I would never let him plan anything that was more than 7 or 8 months out just in case I got pregnant. Then I go and buy tickets and jinx the whole thing. If I had known that that it all it would take to get pregnant, I would have let him plan a cruise/vacation much sooner...Anyway, we sold the tickets to a nice lady from Arkansas and pretty much broke even--thank goodness. And as good as the U2 concert would have been, we are happy to have Cole with us. (just not with us at the concert this weekend. hehe)

thrifting in MT

I've lived in the Midwest. Everyone always talks about the great antiques in the Midwest. But, I have a secret. Columbia Falls, MT. is the real antiquing mecca. So much fun.
Here are few of my favorites that came home with us...

I've been wanting a set of these chairs for a long time. They're in rough shape. but, nothing that a little paint won't fix. The one on the right is a rocker. So comfy. Can you just see me and Rick out on the front porch in these babies? Can't wait to get them spruced up.

And this Pyrex beauty? Matches the set of bowls Rick gave me for Mother's day. LOVE IT!

I pretty much fell in love with this little vintage school desk. Now it's an end table in the library. Happy with this purchase as well.

I'm not sure where this little chair will end up in the house, but I LOVE it, too! So cute. I don't even care that the paint is chipped. I think that is why I love it so much.

And the last treasure is out in the garage still. It was a great, great find. A vintage, unrestored gas pump. I kind of like it the way it is, but Rick is doing some research to find out how to restore it and paint it. Funny thing is that it still had a bit of fuel in it when we got it home. The garage smelled of gas for a few days...

Can't wait to go back to Montana.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

books, books, books

We just finished reading Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls

I didn't think that Cole was really paying attention, but when it was time for a bath and a story each night he would always ask if we were reading the "Monkey" book. So, I guess he was listening to something. Then when we finished that book, he asked if we could read the Frodo book again. whatever.
We have started reading a new book:
My all time favorite book...
Next up on the list of books to read with the kids is this favorite...

it just makes me want to say, "no more rhyming, I mean it. Anyone want a peanut." or "my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

The sad thing is that I am usually searching for a good book to read, but right now my night stand if FULL of books to read. I can't keep up. The problem is that now both Summer and Sierra are reading chapter books and want me to read some of their books (they both got some pretty good books for their recent birthdays).

We ordered this one from Amazon last week (it came out on Tuesday):
It is the 3rd book in the Mysterious Benedict Society Series. It should arrive on our doorstep any day now. But, I'm sure Summer will beat me to it.

I hope you all have a good book to read. Cool weather is coming soon and we'll all need a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to go along with these good reads.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flee Shot

so, yesterday morning Rick mentioned that we should go get our flu shots. Cole was ecstatic. Seriously. He kept skipping around the house, "Flee shot. Flee shot." Then Rick told him that he could not get a flu shot if he couldn't say it correctly. So all day long Cole was practicing, "FLU shot. Flu shot." it was funny. When we got to the health dept. there were about 1,000 other people with that same brilliant idea. CRAZY. They were trying to get people through there as quickly as possible. So, instead of sending us to a private room, they sent us to the end of the waiting room where they just have one of those portable curtains. When the nurse saw us, she looked at the 3 kids and said, "uhhh, we ususally don't let kids get shots here..." (Because when they scream and cry, it's very disruptive to the others who are still in the waiting area.) Rick said, "Really, it will be fine. He's been looking forward to this all day." Cole jumped up on Rick's lap and pulled up his sleeve with a big grin on his face. So, the nurse said, "OK, I'll give it a try but you might want to hold his arms down and turn his head." Cole seriously watched her get the needle out, poke his arm and give him the shot without even a flinch. The nurse just shook her head as Summer and Sierra lifted their sleeves because they both wanted to be "next".
Next time I need to bribe Cole, I'm going to tell him that he needs another shot.