Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ideal 55 Slider

After Rick completed his Vendo 56 restoration, he was on a quest to find another project (no, it's not that pile of junk sitting in the driveway ((another story, for another time)).
He found this lovely pile of metal on ebay in California.
It arrived while we were out of town for 24 hours taking care of things in Scofield.
So, the delivery guys left in in front of the garage and informed the neighbors that they had made a delivery.  
When we got home, the neighbor said, "you got a delivery.  looks like a cooler.  DOES IT WORK?"
So, I said, "Yes, yes it does work.  Brush aside some of those cobwebs and grab yourself a cold one."
No, it doesn't work.

 Let the restoration begin...
 I realize that this doesn't appeal to most people.
But here is the story of the Ideal 55 Slider:
This particular unit was $425.
Made from 1949 to the late '50's by the Ideal Co.
They were made for several different companies.
This one was made for the Royal Crown Cola Co.
 This is the back side.
And the restoration begins.
When it is complete, it will be valued at approximately $3,000+
If any of you find a Barq's Ideal Slider 55, let Rick about 2 years.

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