Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th year hike

In our Stake we have what is called a 4th Year Hike.
It is for the girls that are about 15 and have attended camp for 4 years.
They could complete their hiking certification at camp,
however, the Stake Presidency and the Stake Young Women's leaders have felt that the girls needed more.
So our Stake does a 4th year hike.
The purpose is to allow the girls that have attended camp for 4 years, the chance to go on a campout and a hike that is specific just for them.  
They can get to know each other better,
they can get to know their Stake leaders better,
they can do hard (and I mean HARD) things
and they can prepare for future leadership.
All 3 of the leaders were from our ward.
And 3 of the 6 girls were from our ward.
We are one tough ward!!
(2 girls and 1 leader did not make it to the top)
Our first night in camp we were really roughing it--we ordered pizza! 

Natalie, McKenzie, Courtney, and Alyssa
Fearless Leader:  Sadie
Making snow angels
At the top, Kelli, Natalie, Alyssa, Courtney, McKenzie, Sadie
Kelli and Sadie
10,500 feet
Lunch break at the top of the Mountain
Camp fire after our 11 hours of hiking

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Kristine said...

Wow good job! We were suppose to hike up Hobble Creek Canyon for my 4th year hike, but there was a bear sighting. That meant that we camped up the canyon & no hiking was involved. Darn!