Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do you know, Rick was right...

You CAN drive all the way to hospital in the middle of the night without stopping for a red light.
Even if you cannot see out of one eye.
I know, because I did it.  Last night.
I was out doing yard work last evening.  Cutting down the rest of the tree that blew down in the wind a few weeks ago.  And I got a limb  right.  in.  the.  eye.
It kinda hurt when it happened.  But the longer the night went on, the more it hurt.
And so when Rick got home from work at 10ish, I had him look at it.
He said, "oh, that's too bad.  good night."
When he got up at 1:45 am to go back to work, he looked at it again.  
He said, "oh, it looks the same.  bye."
So, I called him a few minutes later and asked him if I should come down or wait and see if it was busy.
He said, "do what you want."
So, I drove myself to the hospital with one eye.  And I never had to stop for a red light.
He called me as I was driving and said, "Just so you know, ALL of the rooms are full and there are 7 people in the waiting room.  But do what you want."
So, I kept driving to the hospital.  I mean, where else was I going to go, you know?
He was right.  It was a mad house.  Of course it was.  It was overnight on a holiday weekend. 
So, Dr. Symonds took care of me.  He was so sweat and kind and sympathetic.  Probably like my husband is when he takes care of OTHER people.  And probably because Dr. Symonds was on his way out the door and didn't have 15 other patients to worry about.  It's weird calling him Dr. Symonds.  It's just Cameron to me.
Anyway, I got all fixed up and drove myself home and hurried and got to bed as quick as I could because the numbing drops were wearing off and I was beginning to hurt.  
I woke up at 8 to take Sierra to her parade and then off to the pharmacy.  
In both pictures, you can see the injured area, the round spot just below and to the right of the pupil.
I had stain in my eye so the injury shows up as green in the top photo.
I might be wearing my sunglasses next time you see me and I certainly will be wearing eye protection the next time I do yard work.


Brandi said...

yuck! that looks painful.

Jacobson Five said...

I'm sorry. Don't you love how sympathetic men can be!

Amara said...

How'd you get the second picture? Cool! I know I know. I had a neighbor in Tooele that would come over and tell me to put on eye protection. I usually have sunglasses on but didn't for some reason yesterday. Jeez. I wish I'd known you were suffering like that 'cause I would have brought you a cake I mean jewelry.