Monday, July 11, 2011

Halle turns 8

This is my niece, Halle.
She turned 8 a few weeks ago and was baptized on Saturday.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Halle:
 And here she is with her Sister, Hunter.
I only have 2 nieces.  Aren't they cute?

capitol reef family reunion 2010
Capitol Reef 2010
Pirate Island 2010
Scofield, July 2011

JCW's 2011

Halle's Baptism:
Saturday, July 9, 2011
Summer played the guitar and Sierra played the violin while the girls sang, "when I am baptized"
July 9, 2011
Congratulations Halle!! 
the desert bar.  Nan made the cupcakes and the girls made the beautiful flowers.
Summer found a friend.  This is the first time we met Cora in person.
She is Halle's cousin on the Hawkins side.
And the sparkly clean Halle
Cole was trying to decide how to eat his cupcake
BK, Becky, Cora, and Rindi
I have to admit...I was quite impressed with the support that Halle received on this special day.  There was a lot of family that attended.  Some aunts and uncles and cousins live out of state.  They were missed.  However, I was shocked at the support of neighbors and friends.  I remember when I lived in MS when Summer was baptized.  Some of my family was able to fly out for Summer's special day, but we certainly missed most of the family.  I was worried that it might not seem like a special day for Summer.  But, we had a lot of friends come support us.  Lots and lots of people from our ward attended, even though it was a long drive for many of them.  My bestest Non-LDS friends were there.   There were 3 girls who were baptized on that day, just like Halle's baptism day.  But, since I have lived in Mapleton I have not witnessed that same kind of support.  I have had a few young ones on my street get baptized since I have lived here.  I don't hear a word about it until Church on Sunday.  The first time it happened, I kind of felt bad.  I thought I had been forgotten.  then as time went on I realized that people in my area don't really involve their friends and neighbors in this type of event.  So, I've learned to live with it.  I ALWAYS went to baptisms in the other wards that I lived in.  I went to support my ward members.  I also went because I wanted my children to witness this special event in the lives of their friends.   When Sierra was baptized, it was just a family thing.  It's sad to me, because I have such a small family.  It would be nice to have the support of those who live near me and share in my beliefs.
So, I was certainly impressed with the Highland neighborhood.  Way to go.  Maybe I will have Cole baptized in Highland.  And maybe Nan and BK's neighbors will support us.  who knows.  Anyhow, super impressed with the neighborhood... you guys are lucky.
Nanners and Brybry


Amara said...

Maybe you don't want me to comment on the family posts, but I had to click on those cupcakes to get a good look at them and they are so cool! Are the flower petals fondant? I would love to have you guys over to teach me any time (actually Jeff's got a campout Friday night....are you free? I'll cook ya' dinner)

Jodie Monson said...

I like to peek in on Brandi's blog list some times and I have enjoyed reading yours! You are right about our neighborhood! It is the best. Some of us neighbors don't even wait to be invited. We just show up and make ourselves at home!