Friday, May 6, 2011

YW Temple Activity

In honor of William and Katherine and their royal wedding last week, we celebrated with our own Royal Wedding Celebration in Young Women's...
Not really.
It just happened to be coincide with our schedule.  
The Young Women's lessons for the this month all happen to be about the temple, temple marriage, and preparing for the temple.
Our awesome Miamaid leaders were in charge of the combined YW activity this month and they thought it would be nice to have an activity that fit along with the lessons. 
So, the Miamaids put together a Mother-daughter Temple activity.
Complete with a cherry blossom wedding cake created by our YW President...

The leaders brought wedding pictures to decorate the table.

And the girls were invited to model a wedding dress or modest prom dress...
Here they are lined up in the hallway waiting for their grand entrance

 Aspen is wearing her mom (Sadie's) wedding dress.
Sadies mom made the dress and purchased lots of extra fabric.
Aspen and her 3 brothers were able to wear blessing outfits made from the same fabric as this wedding dress.

Tia is wearing her grandmother's wedding dress.
In the background Jen is holding a pictures of Tia's grandmother in the dress...too bad I cut it off.
Tia's grandmother was tiny, which is good for Tia.  

Below, Ashley is wearing Audrey's wedding dress.  January 2000 style.
Summer is wearing her Grandma Bette's wedding dress. 
She was welcome to wear mine, but I was fine with her choice to not wear it.
She had tried my wedding dress on last week and well...
my dress weighs 500 pounds.
and Summer needed two grapefruits to properly wear the dress, and I was all out of grapefruits.
So, she wore this 2 piece dress that Grandma Bette wore when she married Grandpa Waino in Las Vegas in 1965.

I think some of the girls were a little "ifey" about the whole fashion show part of the activity.  Summer was.  But, once they got all dressed up and paraded through the room, it was really neat.  Each girl had printed up a card with information about the dress.  Every single dress had a story.  That was touching to see them all wearing beautiful, modest dresses.

After the fashion show, there were some speakers--2 couples.  One was an older couple with married children (4 girls all married in the temple).  They had great stories and were great inspiration for preparing to marry in the temple.
They younger couple was from our ward.  They actually arrived just in time to speak, so they didn't know exactly what had happened earlier in the meeting or even what had been said.  But, their message fit exactly with the spirit of the meeting.  They all said that marriage isn't easy.  Actually it's pretty hard.  But, they really left the girls with message that temple marriage should be their goal.  
Tears were shed.  Testimonies were shared.  Spirits were touched.  

 Cutting the cake...
Red Velvet.
14 Girls brought dress to model and all together there were 17 girls at the activity which is about half of our entire Young Women's Organization. But we were competing with Hope of America, sports, family commitments, etc. so we felt like it was a good number but wished it were more.  as usual.


Amara said...

Thank you for taking all of those pictures. I'm stealing the one of Tia ('cause that's what I do). I thought it was wonderful --the whole thing.

Leslie said...

You slay me!!! I was all out of grapefruits!!! hahahaha Im gonna be laughing about that one for awhile.

Carroll Family said...

This is so great!!! I LOVE the cake and how all the dresses had a story!!! And, I love the Red dress - I may have to grab that picture to show my girls!

Jacobson Five said...

You have to take a picture of the cake on an angle so everyone doesn't see how crooked it is.
The activity was great. I think it turned out perfectly!