Monday, May 2, 2011

april wrap up

well, I had some pictures on my camera and when I went to put them on my computer, the battery was dead on the camera.  
I couldn't find the charger.  
I'm pretty sure it's in Hawaii.  
Rick is pretty sure that I just put it in a special place so I would know where to find it.  
So, I pretended to order a new one, because whenever I order a replacement for anything, I usually find the original. 
Well, pretending to order a replacement didn't work.  I never found the original.
So, I ordered a new one. 
In the meantime, no photos of Easter.
The charger is now here. (thanks amazon)  And I am back in business.
I am really glad April is over because I am really sick of winter.
Sinus infection and stomach flu this weekend.
Sun and warm weather is what the dr. ordered for a speedy recovery.
Besides, I have some gardening that needs to be done.
Trying to decide what to do with the garden area on the side of the drive way.  It might turn into grass.
I'll have to find another place for the veggies that I have grown there in the past.
We registered for the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon this morning.  
And only 5 more weeks of training until the Utah Valley full, 1/2, and 5k.
Finishing up the last of the school work.
Sierra has completed spelling.  Hallaluyah. (spelt rong on perpus)
  That girl spells like her father.  bless her heart.
Summer is singing with the 9th grade choir for the rest of the year.
There will be lots of music & performing over the next few weeks.
this was hilarious.  thankfully the senior citizens in the audience thought so, too.
And over Spring Break, we did some neighborhood geocaching.
Here are some highlights.  It was as cold as it looks.


Jacobson Five said...

Did you get the stomach flu in st. George? What a bummer. Hope your feeling better!

Amara said...

I noticed you sounded a little scratchy tonight. When you pretended to order a new one I guess the universe saw through the ruse. :) Is that the same as adopting a baby when you're trying to get pregnant? I wonder if you could fake that too? Maybe if you're REALLY sneaky. :)