Sunday, May 29, 2011

Service, Generosity, and Compliments

We were in the car today and Cole started talking about what he learned in Church.
He told me about service and how they were making a chain in Primary that went all the way around the room.
Each time someone does a service, they can add a link to the chain.
It was quiet for a minute, and then Cole asked, "mom, what service do I do?"
I hesitated for just a second and then I remembered all of the service Cole does for our family.
Like when I cook.
He loves to help in the kitchen.  
I was getting ready to bake the other day and Cole noticed that my flour container was empty.  
So, he filled it without even being asked.  Definitely a service.
But, I do enjoy it when Cole cooks with me.  It's entertaining and I'm sure he'll outgrow it someday.  
So, for now I just try to enjoy every minute of it.

yes LeAnn...he is cooking spam
But I have to confess that I did wait until he was gone for a few hours Friday to bake 150 cookies for girls camp in a couple of weeks.  
I just didn't have enough time in my day to tackle that project with a very helpful 5 year old.

I must state for the record...Cole is generous.  
If he had the last package of M&M's in the entire world,  
He would eat one and share the entire rest of the package with everyone in sight.

And he is certainly full of compliments.
Well...except for about 3 weeks ago:
I was in the shower and Cole had to go to the bathroom--BAD.  
He bolted into the bathroom and ran into the toilet room and did his thing.
Then he ran right back out when he was done.
He paused halfway out the door and took about 3 steps backwards and said to me as I stood in the shower:
"Mom, when you wear your clothes you are so beautiful,
but like that (pointing at me)...Not so much.
Bye, I'm going to ride my bike!"

Next time I will be sure to lock the bathroom door when I shower.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


There was an Elder's Quorum Activity a couple of weeks ago.
Rick has been (obsessively) working on his guns and his reloader toy lately, so he was excited to go.
He claimed that wives and responsible youth about age 15+ were invited.
Well, as things like this sometimes happen...
There were 4 men, 2 adult sons, and me.
"regulars" at the shooting range.  I didn't realize there was a pioneer dress code.
Brother Foster was giving us a short lesson in gun safety and shooting etiquette.
the 2 "adult" sons
This is what we were shooting at...
the view from the shooting range
And me!!  I think I impressed them all with my skills.  (it really didn't feel as awkward as it looks)
It was fun.  I hope I get invited next time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Aunt Dolores reminded me of a letter that she wrote when Summer was a baby.
It tells about some of the people whose pictures we looked at during lunch last week.
Here is the letter:

April 26, 1998
Dear Summer Ethel:
I want to write this little note for your mom to put in your baby book and book of remembrance when  you get one, so that you will be able to ready about how you got your name.  I am sure that your mom will tell you as you grow up that you were named after your Great-Grandma Ethel, your mom's Grandma.  She always said that she wanted to name her first daughter after her Grandma because she loved her Grandma Ethel so much.  Grandma also loved her just like she loved her Grandma.  Grandma would have been so happy to have seen her first Great-granddaughter named after her.  It made your Grandma Nan and me really happy too.  In fact, it made us to happy that when we saw you in the hospital, we cried.  Now, that doesn't make much sense, does it?  But that is how funny old ladies are.  Here is the story.
When you Great-Great-Grandma Norton was expecting Great-Grandma Ethel, she had a little girl just about nine year old named Nellie.  Nellie was so excited about the new baby, and she could hardly wait for the baby to be born.  However, Nellie got really sic just before the baby was born.  It seems that she had an appendicitis.  Now that is not a serious illness, but in those days, they had a hard time diagnosing it.  They just thought that Nellie had a stomach ache.  Her appendix burst and she became very, very sick.  When it looked like she might not live, she asked her Mother, Great-Great Grandma Norton to get out all of the little baby clothes for the new baby, and to let her see them, and to please promise to name the new baby after Nellie's favorite aunt, her Aunt Ethel.  Little Nellie died on November 5, 1915 and the new baby was born on January 11, 1916.  It was a little girl and she was named Ethel.  This little baby became my Mother and your Grandma Nan's mother, your Mom's Grandma, and your Great-Grandma.  You are her first great-grand child.  How neat for you to be named after her.  She was a great lady, and you should be very proud to be named after her.

Aunt Dolores

Some pictures...
 Here is a cute story about the above photo, taken in Parowan, Utah.
This is Ethel Norton.  
A professional photographer was coming around to the little towns in the area and taking photos.  Grandma Norton wasn't home so Clella (?) dressed up her little sister and had her picture taken.  Grandma Norton was so upset because certainly everyone should know that you never have pictures taken wearing dark stockings. 
This is my Great Grandma Norton.
I kinda love this picture because of the apron that she is wearing.
I remember my Grandma Ethel telling me once that Grandma Norton always wore an apron.  
She would get up in the morning and put on her apron.  She would work all day cleaning and cooking.  
After dinner was prepared, she would put on a clean apron. 
Then, the next morning, she would put on the same apron from the evening before and wear it all day.  Then she would put on her clean apron for dinner.  This cycle would continue for the week.

**I have a lot of pictures to scan, and I might be tempted to blog about them so that I can get comments and info about who, what, when, where, and why.
If you see (?) it means I am not certain and I need your information!!!!

Lunch with the Dalton Gang

Sisters, Dolores & Nan Nell
There are just two children in my Mom's family.  Dolores is older, by 9 years.
Melinda, Dolores, Nan Nell, Brandi, & Kelli
We have tried to plan for quite a while to get together and share our photos from our family history.  
It finally happened last Thursday.  We met at Melinda's house in Salt Lake. 
We ate lunch at Melinda's house--it was easiest that way since Dolores had recently had knee replacement surgery and it was difficult to get around. 

I had about 10 photos.  Nanners had a few more.  Dolores and Melinda had A LOT.  

Dalton photos
Most of these photos are originals and some are in very fragile condition.  
pages from Grandma Ethel's photo album
It's hard to tell with the black on black, but this is what remains of my Grandma Ethel's photo album. 
I was really brave, and just before we left I asked Dolores if I could take the photos and copy them.
I have a pretty full schedule for the next few weeks, but I told everyone that in July (or maybe September when school starts) I would scan the photos, we could try to label them, and then put them on a disc for everyone.  I was so afraid when I took the photos with me that I would put them in a special place and then forget where I put them.  But, for now they are locked up in the safe until I get a big chunk of time to devote to this project.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Bryan's wedding
Christmas 2009
Circleville, 1977
Capitol Reef, 2010
BK and Halle, Capitol Reef, 2010
Capitol Reef, 2010
Easter, 2011
Well, my plan was to steal borrow some pictures from my Mom when I was at her house last week.  
I wanted to get some pictures of BK from her younger days, you know, some cheerleading pictures, dance pictures, school pictures.  Embarrassing stuff.
But, it didn't happen.
2 reasons:

1.  Because apparently I drive TOO slow.
B.  Because I was too busy cutting out quilt squares for my mom and sister.

So, this little series of pictures will have to do.  
I will try to steal borrow some photos another time.
Happy Birthday.
I am lucky to have a sister like you.
Thank you for all you do for me and for putting up with me.
Hope you have a good one.
Let's get together and shop for fabric.  or sew a quilt.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dad drives

Cole, 5/14/11 at JCW's in Provo, with just a hint of ice cream on his face.
Yesterday Cole and I were driving in the car together.
We had a conversation that went like this:
Cole:  "mom, how come when you and Dad are both in the car at the same time Dad always drives?"
Mom:  "Well..."
Cole:  "Never mind.  I figured it out.  Because you drive slow and dad drives fast and Dad likes to get where he wants to go."

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.

Impromptu Reunion

What do you do on a rainy Saturday Afternoon...
meet for burgers and ide cream, of course!
 Lanny & Melinda (and baby boy #4)
 Halle, Summer, & Hunter
 Lanny was trying to get us to feel sorry for his poor middle finger that doesn't work any more.
But, the reason it doesn't work any more is because he thinks he is still 17 and the star of the State Championship Football team.  
He hasn't learned yet that 17 year old bodies don't last forever.
 Halle was sampling a lemon
 Summer & Kelli
 Jason & Brandi (she claims that she doesn't like to have her picture taken...whatever)
Hunter and Halle enjoying an ice cream thanks to Grandma Nan!

Looks like I missed pictures of the little boys.  They were there.  Believe me.
We ate at JCW's in Provo.  
It was a little sad because it was the location of the old Training Table Restaurant that was built when Rick and I were in High School.  
They tore it down to build the JCW's.
I had a salad.  Healthy.  With a side of onion rings.  Not so healthy.  
But super fun to hang out and chat with my family.  Let's do it again.  
Next time it rains on a Saturday.  So, probably soon...???

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what I heard at lunch last week...

Just before we went to Hawaii, my Aunt Pam who lives in Salt Lake was in a terrible car accident in Spanish Fork Canyon.  She and her husband were on their way to Houston to help a long time friend that had some health problems.  It was storming and Pam & Ed were trying to get out of town and on the road before the storm hit.  Unfortunately, the roads were already bad as they were going up Billy's Mountain.  A truck was sliding towards them and they were hit pretty bad.  It took them quite a while to get help because of the weather.  They took Pam & Ed to UVRMC.  Rick wasn't working, but one of his partners called him as soon as they found out there was a connection.  Rick and I went to the hospital to check on them and be there until the rest of the family could be notified.  

Last week Pam had a follow up appointment in Provo so they planned to meet at Arctic Circle for lunch.  Mom brought Brandi. Rick and I came with Cole after he got out of school.  Lanny was there working, of course, so we had a little family lunch.  It was fun.  And tasty.  

So, here is the story that I heard at last last week...
Pam mentioned something about when she was little and she lived with Aunt Jenny.
I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked why she lived with Jenny.

When my dad was 3 (born in March) and Pam was 18 months (born in September) my Grandma Faye delivered twin girls, Connie and Carma.
They were tiny, just 3 pounds.  The doctor told her to take them home, put them in shoe boxes and place a light bulb under the boxes to help keep them warm and safe.  
Well, with 4 kids under age 3 and 2 tiny newborns to take care of, Faye sent Pam down the road to live with Aunt Jenny who didn't have any children at the time.  Pam said she lived there for about a year.
She remembers Jenny being strict.  She remembers being potty trained at Aunt Jenny's house.  One memory she had was sneaking into the room where her clothes were folded neatly in a box and trying to sneak out a pair of dry panties so aunt Jenny wouldn't know that she had an accident.

This picture must have been taken just a year or so after the twins were born.  
I wonder who made those dresses.  
My Grandma Faye could crochet like no other.  
But how in the world would she have time for that with 4 little ones?

Monday, May 16, 2011

playing catch up

hey everyone, I'm back from my blogcation.  thanks to a sinus infection and other things that overwhelmed me.  like laundry.  but some of you said nice things about our recent photo shot so I will tell you a little bit more...While we were in Hawaii Summer found the website for the casting for The Hunger Games.  Summer fit the description for Prim.  So, she wanted to send in an application.  with the 10,000 other people that had already submitted an application.  (an application for an audition.  10,000 people had already applied for a spot for an audition.  that's a lot of people.)   but, someone has to get the spot, right?  And she hadn't had her picture taken since she got her braces off, so I made an appointment with the amazing Shannon.  But, then I can't take pictures of just one kid.  So, Sierra got in on the action as well.  And then I thought...."I don't want Cole to think he's not as important as the take his pic, too."  And then I realized that I didn't have any good pictures of just myself in case i find a role I want to audition for.  or just to update my facebook profile.  or whatever.  So, then I figured why not just get some shots of everyone?  Then I remembered that my friend, Sadie, needed some updated head shots for her portfolio since she recently cut her hair.  I had to twist her leg to get to to agree to an impromptu photo shoot.  I had about 48 hours notice and I gave Sadie about 24 hours notice.  We didn't purchase one single new item for this photo shoot.  that was awesome.  we just pulled something our of the closet.  except for Cole...he just pulled something off the floor.
We went to Sadie's in the afternoon and she did our hair and make-up.  We all started with our "straight" hair.  then as the amazing Shannon snapped away on one person, someone else would go back in to Sadi'e for a wardrobe change and a hair update.  it was crazy fun.  and slightly cold.  Sierra was almost done and the sun came out for just a few seconds right before it went over the mountains.  Sierra was just standing there and the light was perfect and Shannon captured her smile beautifully.  (the photo of Sierra in white)
Once my gang was done taking photos, Sadie came out and had some photos taken.  When Shannon takes my picture, she has to tell me how to sit and how to tip my head and not to squint and not to blink.  Uhhh, not so much with Sadie.  She just sat right done and hit a pose.  and another pose.  and another.  She is GOOD.  Her pictures turned out fantastic.

OK, so back to the Hunger Games...Summer used the picture on the bottom left for her application.  I had to laugh when she put on her application that she was available for an immediate audition.  in LA.  like it's right around the corner.  like we can just hop a plane to the big city with a minutes notice.  Oh well.  We checked the website daily.  And a few weeks after she submitted her application, the role of Prim was cast.  It was a newbee.  So, it looks like we will not be relocating to North Carolina for the taping of the Hunger Games after all.  It is scheduled to be released on March 23, 2012.

Here is a picture of Willow Shields, who will be playing Primrose Everdeen...
Willow Shields Picture
So, that is the story of the photo shoot.
thanks, Sadie & Shannon.  You both are amazing at what you do.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (vintage style)

A Mother's day card
to Faye Barney Robison
from his son, Kent Norman Robison
3rd grade, 1954

Friday, May 6, 2011

YW Temple Activity

In honor of William and Katherine and their royal wedding last week, we celebrated with our own Royal Wedding Celebration in Young Women's...
Not really.
It just happened to be coincide with our schedule.  
The Young Women's lessons for the this month all happen to be about the temple, temple marriage, and preparing for the temple.
Our awesome Miamaid leaders were in charge of the combined YW activity this month and they thought it would be nice to have an activity that fit along with the lessons. 
So, the Miamaids put together a Mother-daughter Temple activity.
Complete with a cherry blossom wedding cake created by our YW President...

The leaders brought wedding pictures to decorate the table.

And the girls were invited to model a wedding dress or modest prom dress...
Here they are lined up in the hallway waiting for their grand entrance

 Aspen is wearing her mom (Sadie's) wedding dress.
Sadies mom made the dress and purchased lots of extra fabric.
Aspen and her 3 brothers were able to wear blessing outfits made from the same fabric as this wedding dress.

Tia is wearing her grandmother's wedding dress.
In the background Jen is holding a pictures of Tia's grandmother in the dress...too bad I cut it off.
Tia's grandmother was tiny, which is good for Tia.  

Below, Ashley is wearing Audrey's wedding dress.  January 2000 style.
Summer is wearing her Grandma Bette's wedding dress. 
She was welcome to wear mine, but I was fine with her choice to not wear it.
She had tried my wedding dress on last week and well...
my dress weighs 500 pounds.
and Summer needed two grapefruits to properly wear the dress, and I was all out of grapefruits.
So, she wore this 2 piece dress that Grandma Bette wore when she married Grandpa Waino in Las Vegas in 1965.

I think some of the girls were a little "ifey" about the whole fashion show part of the activity.  Summer was.  But, once they got all dressed up and paraded through the room, it was really neat.  Each girl had printed up a card with information about the dress.  Every single dress had a story.  That was touching to see them all wearing beautiful, modest dresses.

After the fashion show, there were some speakers--2 couples.  One was an older couple with married children (4 girls all married in the temple).  They had great stories and were great inspiration for preparing to marry in the temple.
They younger couple was from our ward.  They actually arrived just in time to speak, so they didn't know exactly what had happened earlier in the meeting or even what had been said.  But, their message fit exactly with the spirit of the meeting.  They all said that marriage isn't easy.  Actually it's pretty hard.  But, they really left the girls with message that temple marriage should be their goal.  
Tears were shed.  Testimonies were shared.  Spirits were touched.  

 Cutting the cake...
Red Velvet.
14 Girls brought dress to model and all together there were 17 girls at the activity which is about half of our entire Young Women's Organization. But we were competing with Hope of America, sports, family commitments, etc. so we felt like it was a good number but wished it were more.  as usual.

Monday, May 2, 2011

april wrap up

well, I had some pictures on my camera and when I went to put them on my computer, the battery was dead on the camera.  
I couldn't find the charger.  
I'm pretty sure it's in Hawaii.  
Rick is pretty sure that I just put it in a special place so I would know where to find it.  
So, I pretended to order a new one, because whenever I order a replacement for anything, I usually find the original. 
Well, pretending to order a replacement didn't work.  I never found the original.
So, I ordered a new one. 
In the meantime, no photos of Easter.
The charger is now here. (thanks amazon)  And I am back in business.
I am really glad April is over because I am really sick of winter.
Sinus infection and stomach flu this weekend.
Sun and warm weather is what the dr. ordered for a speedy recovery.
Besides, I have some gardening that needs to be done.
Trying to decide what to do with the garden area on the side of the drive way.  It might turn into grass.
I'll have to find another place for the veggies that I have grown there in the past.
We registered for the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon this morning.  
And only 5 more weeks of training until the Utah Valley full, 1/2, and 5k.
Finishing up the last of the school work.
Sierra has completed spelling.  Hallaluyah. (spelt rong on perpus)
  That girl spells like her father.  bless her heart.
Summer is singing with the 9th grade choir for the rest of the year.
There will be lots of music & performing over the next few weeks.
this was hilarious.  thankfully the senior citizens in the audience thought so, too.
And over Spring Break, we did some neighborhood geocaching.
Here are some highlights.  It was as cold as it looks.