Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cole's Birthday Week

Cole turns 8 this week.
On Thursday.
November 28.
Thanksgiving Day.

We realized at least a year ago that Cole would turn the magical number of 8 on Thanksgiving Day.
How cool is that?  kinda like turning 13 on Friday the 13th.
I'd like to take complete credit for all of those coincidences.  thankyouverymuch.
Cole is such a fun addition to our family.
Life would be pretty boring around here without him.

Here are some pictures from Disneyland last week.
We took Cole on the Ferris Wheel.
It was fine, until it started to move...

Then Cole started to panic.

He grabbed the cage behind him and the seat below him...

Then he tried to jump onto the floor...

Then he thought the ride was over...

And we went around again.

I'n not sure I have ever seen Rick laugh that hard.
That definitely made the top 5 things we'll remember about this vacay.
(I wish I had a pic of him hitting the floor of our little cart.  I was laughing too hard, but we may have a video clip…)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Choir Christmas Performance

It's that time of year again...
Wednesday, December 18 will be the Carols & Confections.
It's a fun Christmas Choir performance that the choir does each year.
The entire auditorium is decorated for Christmas and there are tasty refreshments after the performance.
Tickets are on sale now.
If you purchase tickets from Summer by Friday, November 22, a portion of each ticket sale will go towards choir tour expenses for Summer.
Contact Summer if you are interested in purchasing a ticket.
PS.  Summer & Sierra are auditioning on Tuesday for a solo spot.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

syllables and emphasis

We had the funniest conversation at dinner a few nights ago and it was so funny that we keep reliving it almost every day.  So, I had to record it here, although it won't be nearly as funny as the real thing.  And it might sound better if read out loud.  
The pictures and the story are completely unrelated.  Cole just wanted me to get some action shots of him running and jumping...

We were eating dinner and Sierra was talking about the word:
as in serrated knife.
She says SERrated.  But the kids in her science class say serRATed.
And Summer says, "you are putting the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong syllAble."
And Cole asked that whole thing meant.
So we tried explaining syllables to Cole.
I used the example of Sierra's name:
SIerra or siERRa or sierrA
And we all took turns saying Sierra's name out loud with different emphasis.
Then we tried it with Summer's name:
SUMmer or summER.
So, of course, Cole tried to emphasize different syllables in his name:
CCCCCCole or cOOOOOle or coLLLLLLLE and even colUHHHHHH
It was the funniest thing ever.  And maybe using names wasn't the best choice to explain syllables.

Here's a question for you?  How many syllables do YOU think there are in the word mayonnaise?
or how about isle?

Summer had an assignment when she was in school in Mississippi.  For her homework she/we had to determine how many syllables were in a list of words.
Mayonnaise was on the list.  And clearly there is an O in the middle of the word and I'm sure that in the dictionary there 3 syllables in this word.  But I say MAY NAZE.  clearly 2 syllables.
But, slow it down a little and add a big O in the middle.  may O naze.
That is Mississippi pronunciation and there are obviously 3 syllables.
Now, isle.  
In this sentence:
"I found the cheerios in the cereal isle"
there are 2 syllables in isle.  like this:  I ull.
but, not in Mississippi.  it's one syllable.  as in:
"I buy my pickled frog legs in the vegetable AL"
And please take the full 3 seconds to pronounce that A.
It was a very complicated assignment for her/us.

emPHAsis on the wrong syllAble can be a very confusing subject.

Monday, November 4, 2013

busy bees

The bees are getting a little smoke to calm them down.

Lifting the hive lid to check the progress.

Looking for the queen and eggs

Look at all those worker bees

Starting to draw out comb on this frame

honey and brood chambers

Rick has been stung a couple of times.  Once, he just went to peek on the bees and one bee wasn't happy about that at all.  He chased Rick all over the yard.  Rick was jumping and swatting at the bee.  He almost got away, but the bee was persistent and chased him to the road and finally stung him on the arm.  

This hive is in the back yard.  These bees are lazy and the queen is a dud.

We decided to do 2 hives just for the fun of it.  That turned out to be a good idea.  We were able to compare the 2 hives throughout the summer since we were new to the beekeeping business.  
I have found the bees to be fascinating and I am enjoying learning more about bee keeping.
I had originally let this be Rick's project.  (you know, never learn to milk the cow, Grandma Ethel said)
But, it really is fun to sit on the front porch and watch the bees.  
Sierra even has her own bee suit now (or whatever it's called)
We didn't get an early enough start this year to allow the bees to produce enough honey for us and for them.  So, no honey extraction this year.  
Those cute little bees need to the honey all to themselves to make it through the winter.  
(And we'll be shocked if the lazy hive in the back even survives, poor things.)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

All State Choir

Most fun people I know went to St. George for fall break.  But not us.
We were lucky enough to participate in All State Choir.  Thankyouverymuch.
Summer practiced all day and all night of fall break.
(And even missed the Mindy Gledhill Concert that we went to…)
So, on Saturday, we went up to the big city for a performance on Temple Square.
Summer had ridden the bus to Salt Lake in the morning, so we met her after rehearsal for something to eat before the performance.  We brought Kelly with us.  He thinks we are crazy.
We ate at CheeseCake Factory. (which is the only time I have eaten at Cheese Cake Factory besides once in Seattle and twice in Vegas.  (we don't get out much)) 
After we ate and window shopped at Anthropology we headed over to Temple Square.
(Who knew that there would be such a huge line to get it.)
There were 659 students that participated from all over the State of Utah.
They told us that photos were only allowed BEFORE the performance, but once they started singing there would be no photography.  Can you see Summer in the photo below?  She is on the left.

During one of the practices, Summer had a girl ask her a question…it went like this:
Do you know where Scofield is?  yes
Do you have a cabin there:  yes
Do you go to Pleasant Valley Days?  yes
Do you perform?  yes
Do you always win?  yes
SO THAT'S HOW I KNOW YOU!!!!  I thought you looked familiar.

Selfie fun before the performance.

Pictures at the temple.  The weather was perfect.

We took a few minutes to just sit and stare at the temple.  We looked at all of the little details and wondered how those early Mormon settlers ever figured out how to build such a magnificent structure with such limited resources.
All State Choir.  I had no idea such a thing even existed.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sierra's Quilt

Sierra wants a new color for her bedroom.
She found a cute poster that is the inspiration for her updated bedroom.
I told her I would make the quilt and she would clean out her room and when both of these projects are completed then we would paint her room.
Well, the quilt is done, just waiting for Sierra to get her room cleaned out.

Sierra chose the colors and helped me decide what pattern to do on the quilt.
And we did something a little crazy that I'd never done before…
I ordered the fabric for the quilt online.
It was on sale and I found a free shipping code.
The whole idea made me nervous.
However, the fabric was Moda, so I knew that it would be quilting quality.
I was just worried about the color.  But, I think we did OK.
It's a little darker than it appears in the photo since it was taken outside in the bright sun.

I didn't have much extra to work with on the binding so I did it by hand this time rather than on the machine.  It takes forever, but I think it worked out better by doing it by hand.

I think it's time for a quilt for my bed…after I paint Sierra's room.