Sunday, November 3, 2013

All State Choir

Most fun people I know went to St. George for fall break.  But not us.
We were lucky enough to participate in All State Choir.  Thankyouverymuch.
Summer practiced all day and all night of fall break.
(And even missed the Mindy Gledhill Concert that we went to…)
So, on Saturday, we went up to the big city for a performance on Temple Square.
Summer had ridden the bus to Salt Lake in the morning, so we met her after rehearsal for something to eat before the performance.  We brought Kelly with us.  He thinks we are crazy.
We ate at CheeseCake Factory. (which is the only time I have eaten at Cheese Cake Factory besides once in Seattle and twice in Vegas.  (we don't get out much)) 
After we ate and window shopped at Anthropology we headed over to Temple Square.
(Who knew that there would be such a huge line to get it.)
There were 659 students that participated from all over the State of Utah.
They told us that photos were only allowed BEFORE the performance, but once they started singing there would be no photography.  Can you see Summer in the photo below?  She is on the left.

During one of the practices, Summer had a girl ask her a question…it went like this:
Do you know where Scofield is?  yes
Do you have a cabin there:  yes
Do you go to Pleasant Valley Days?  yes
Do you perform?  yes
Do you always win?  yes
SO THAT'S HOW I KNOW YOU!!!!  I thought you looked familiar.

Selfie fun before the performance.

Pictures at the temple.  The weather was perfect.

We took a few minutes to just sit and stare at the temple.  We looked at all of the little details and wondered how those early Mormon settlers ever figured out how to build such a magnificent structure with such limited resources.
All State Choir.  I had no idea such a thing even existed.

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Amara said...

So lucky she had that experience -and once again, kudos to you for making the sacrifices to get her there.