Monday, November 4, 2013

busy bees

The bees are getting a little smoke to calm them down.

Lifting the hive lid to check the progress.

Looking for the queen and eggs

Look at all those worker bees

Starting to draw out comb on this frame

honey and brood chambers

Rick has been stung a couple of times.  Once, he just went to peek on the bees and one bee wasn't happy about that at all.  He chased Rick all over the yard.  Rick was jumping and swatting at the bee.  He almost got away, but the bee was persistent and chased him to the road and finally stung him on the arm.  

This hive is in the back yard.  These bees are lazy and the queen is a dud.

We decided to do 2 hives just for the fun of it.  That turned out to be a good idea.  We were able to compare the 2 hives throughout the summer since we were new to the beekeeping business.  
I have found the bees to be fascinating and I am enjoying learning more about bee keeping.
I had originally let this be Rick's project.  (you know, never learn to milk the cow, Grandma Ethel said)
But, it really is fun to sit on the front porch and watch the bees.  
Sierra even has her own bee suit now (or whatever it's called)
We didn't get an early enough start this year to allow the bees to produce enough honey for us and for them.  So, no honey extraction this year.  
Those cute little bees need to the honey all to themselves to make it through the winter.  
(And we'll be shocked if the lazy hive in the back even survives, poor things.)

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Amara said...

Jealous jealous jealous! I sent my hives with my cousin who was supposed to fill them with bees and bring them back, and I still haven't seen them again. Is there anyone you can call to come look at the lazy hive? Maybe there is something that can be done? I have friends with some experience but then Rick does too I am sure.