Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tokheim 39 Short

When we were in Montana to visit Glacier National Park, we found this place in Columbia Falls:
 It was a gold mine of junk.
Rick was already on the lookout for a vintage gas pump.  
Well, out behind the antique mall, heading up the lane behind the 2 dead pine trees was a ghost town of old gas pumps.  Dozens of them.
This one had been there for a while.  It was covered in pine needles and cob webs.
And we paid $300 for it.
We loaded it up and brought it home from MT with us.
I liked the color just the way it was.
But, it was Rick's project and he said that the grey stuff was primer and it all had to go.
So, this gas pump has now been disassembled and is currently being restored.
Rick's been doing his research on how this pump looked in it's original condition.
Tokheim 39 Shorts were made in the 1930's to early 1950's.
Old gas pumps take me back to my childhood in Circleville to Kenz store and the old gas pumps in the lot next door.  
They're probably long gone. 
They were taller pumps, probably made by the Wayne Co.
 Here are all of the parts.
I hope Rick can remember how to put it all back together.

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