Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Senior Ball MMHS 2015

I could not be more proud of Summer for this event.
This was entirely the responsibility of the Senior Class Officers, which means it was about 90% the responsibility of Summer.  
She created pin boards and lists and samples and budgets and menus.
They decided on a 1920's theme.  
Notice the centerpieces.
The only thing we purchased were the feathers.  The flowers were all from my yard!
Summer enlisted my help to make place cards for each Senior.

We spent the whole week getting supplies ready,
and all day decorating.

Senior Class Officers and some Student Body Officer friends.

Summer enlisted the help of her 2 BFF's.

My important job for the night was to serve dessert.
It was chocolate cake from Magleby's.
Summer created an entire menu of speciality drinks which the students enjoyed while the dinner was cleaned up and the cafeteria was transitioned into a dance floor.

Sierra was so sweet to be the head drink mixer for the night.  We had so much fun.

Senior Class Officers,
Elliott Call, Summer, Fatima Redy, and Josh Jensen

I had such a fun night.

Class of 2015

Summer & Trevor

Summer & Juan

Summer & Coach Smith, the student government advisor.
He was very impressed with Summer's organizational skills.
There were over 200 students in attendance.  It was a huge hit.
I don't know why we don't dress up and have fancy dances like this a little more often.
It was so much fun.  I don't know if this tradition will continue, 
but MMHS class of 2015 had a fantastic senior ball!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Homeless for a Night

Spanish Fork High School does this cool fundraiser every year called "homeless for a night" This year the SASH was invited to play a show.  It was a Friday night plus my birthday, so it was a great way to spend the evening.  This show was with the full band.  At least the fullest it ever has been or will be.  

Summer is on the electric guitar for this song and Sierra is on the keyboard.
They are always switching instruments.  

Trev's brother, Ethan, joined the show to play the trumpet for "My Type". It was awesome.
Jonathan and Duncan also.

I usually don't get a good shot of Trev, so here is the best one of the night.

It was a really fun night.  Summer made the Spanish Fork yearbook.  With all of the pictures she was in for Homeless for a Night, she was in their yearbook more that she was in MMHS yearbook!!

Let The Children Speak

On January 17, Summer,  Sierra, and Aspen had a really fun opportunity to play a benefit show at Lone Peak High School.  
They played with Westward the Tide
Static Waves
the Strike.
They sounded awesome.  And it was a great opportunity.  There were a few thousand people in attendance.

February recap

Really, everyone hates February.  Everyone, but me.  I love February.  I love my birthday.
Another thing that I loved about February this year was RootsTech.  I went by myself.  I rode Frontrunner.  It was smooth.  I met a cute lady from Idaho on the train.  Neither of us had been before, so we maneuvered our way around 20,000+ people together to get our passes, figured out our schedules and our classes, then later we met for lunch.  She's a cutie.  Our selfies didn't turnout, so no pics, but we still text each other semi-regularly.  Also, I love RootsTech, because it makes me feel really young.  And kind of smart. 

Birthday time.  I love birthdays.  But, I do deactivate my Facebook account for a few days because I hate it that people just tell you Happy Birthday because Facebook tells them to.  I want people to remember my birthday and actually say something relevant to me.  I'm into quality--not quantity.

We have this thing for number candles around here.  But, we never seem to remember to buy them for the right days.  Well, we didn't have a 4 and a 5, so I chose to be 19.  It was a really great idea, but then someone discovered that by adding the 7 and the 0, it would be my birth year.  Which was fine because...more candles!!

And, if one cake is good--2 cakes is even better.

A blank book.  I love it.  Can't wait to fill those blank, unlined pages.

Sierra did this watercolor of our house.  It's perfect.

And a new laptop.  I totally didn't see that coming.  Thanks, Rick

Summer had a meeting in SLC for Youthlinc on the Saturday after my birthday, so we did a little celebrating on the way home.  Turning 45 was not too bad...