Monday, December 14, 2015

Homeless for a Night

Spanish Fork High School does this cool fundraiser every year called "homeless for a night" This year the SASH was invited to play a show.  It was a Friday night plus my birthday, so it was a great way to spend the evening.  This show was with the full band.  At least the fullest it ever has been or will be.  

Summer is on the electric guitar for this song and Sierra is on the keyboard.
They are always switching instruments.  

Trev's brother, Ethan, joined the show to play the trumpet for "My Type". It was awesome.
Jonathan and Duncan also.

I usually don't get a good shot of Trev, so here is the best one of the night.

It was a really fun night.  Summer made the Spanish Fork yearbook.  With all of the pictures she was in for Homeless for a Night, she was in their yearbook more that she was in MMHS yearbook!!

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Amara said...

How fun you get to do all of these shows with them! That's quite a band compared to the other times. Are they still performing, or is Summer too busy with school performance?