Saturday, April 23, 2011

Noisy Village

We just finished reading these 2 books a few weeks ago and I wanted to tell you about them.
First, they were written by Astrid Lindgren (14 november 1907--28 january 2002), who was a Swedish author and screenwriter who is the world's 25th most translated author.  She is best known for the Pippi Longstocking series.  In her obituary, one newspaper referred to her as "...the whole world's queen of fairy tales."
We loved these 2 books.  We could read 2 or 3 chapters a night.  When we got close the end of the 2nd book, the girls wanted to me to just read one chapter a night.  I couldn't figure it out.  But, they told me that they wanted the book to last for as long as possible.  Some of the chapters I read out loud more than once because they loved the stories so much.  Cole would listen to them over and over again.  This is one series that I wish were longer than just 2 books.  Good thing that Astrid Lindgren wrote dozens of stories and books because we will certainly be reading more of her works.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth day 2011

In honor of Earth Day, I took a little carbon footprint quiz. (take the quiz here)
Now, if you know me at all (and all 3 of you do), you know that I'm kind of a recycle fanatic.  (admitting it the first step).  So, I thought I would do fairly well on the quiz with the whole compost/recycle/second hand/thrifting/gardening nonsense that we occupy ourselves with around here.
well, not so much.  My score was 4.5.  What this means is that if everyone in the world lived like I live, it would take 4.5 Earths to support that life.  Really?  What would happen if I didn't compost/recycle/second hand/thrift/garden????

According to the quiz, here are my problem areas...
I have running water.  and electricity.
I have a car.  well, 2 of them.  and the tires are flat on my bike.
I read the newspaper.
And I fly on airplanes.  

So, I continued on to see what the suggestions are for reducing my carbon footprint...
ride my bike.  everywhere.
use less electricity.
eat less meat.
grow more of my own food.  or only purchase food grown within 200 miles (goodbye bananas.  and grapes.  and lots of other things.)
oh, and don't fly on airplanes.

By doing all of these things, I can reduce my number to 3.5  (or 3.5 Earths to support such a lifestyle for everyone on the Earth.

So, I am going to try and do all of the things suggested on the list.  except for the last one.  Rick is registered to run in the New York Marathon next fall and that is too far to ride my bike.

 our attempt at composting
 Peaches grown within 1 mile of my house.  
Even though I drove around the block to pick them and haul them home.
 thifted yard chairs.
brought home from Montana.
proof that we buy local

 growing our own food.  quite a success.
 Green cleaning products.
I actually quite like the smell of vinegar for cleaning.
a little more success at gardening.
our radish crop helped feed us for about 8 days.  great.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running is Mental...

And we're all Insane (thanks amara)

And to celebrate the Boston Marathon last Monday, here are a few thoughts on running...
it sucks.

No, really, it's just 8 more Saturdays until the Utah Valley Marathon.  And if you were holding out to sign up for the Marathon or the half marathon--it's too late.  Both races are full.  But you can still do the 5k.  Which is still a lot of fun.  And 8 weeks is plenty of time to train for a 5k.  Unless it keeps raining.  Keep your fingers crossed.
And just 10 more days until you can sign up for the Hobble Creek Half Marathon.  You know you want to.  It's so much fun.  And such beautiful scenery.  You almost can't feel the pain when you focus on the beauty of the land around you.  (gag, I know).
The race is on Saturday, August 20.
The sign-ups are on May 1.  And by May 1, I mean 12:00 midnight on April 30.  It will fill up within 2 hours and I know that by experience.  So, set your alarm clock for 11:55 pm or just stay up and watch High School Musical.  again.
So much fun. The elevation drop is 1,253 feet from start to finish. They pass out free chocolate milk at the finish line.  What's better than that?

And if a half marathon is too much, then how about doing a 10K.  If you're not so good with math...that is 6.25 miles.  Here are the details...
2011 8th Annual High Altitude Challenge.
10,000 Meters at 10,000 Feet
Skyline Drive--Sanpete County
Race Date:  Saturday, August 6. 9am.
Procedes to go purchase health care equipment for Sanpete Valley Hospital, located in Mt. Pleasant

The race is entirely on a paved surface.  That starting line will be about 1 mile north of Fairview Lakes at the top of Fairview Canyon on Hwy 31.  It begins at 9300 ft and goes uphill for 3 kilometers until it reaches 10,000 ft.  Then it continues downhill for the next 7 kilometers to end at approximately 9100 ft. at the parking lot of Huntington Reservoir.
There is also the option of a 7k walk for those who want to enjoy the beauty and fresh mountain air and support the hospital.

Early registration goes through July 31 and is $25.  The fee for the walk is just $15 register here
Check out the scenery of Skyline Drive...

 You know you want to do this with me.

I mean, running is hard.  I'm not that good.  I'm so slow, some people might have a hard time calling it a  run.  (and by people, I mean Rick)
The top female finisher in the Boston Marathon ran 26 miles in 2:22:36.  That was faster than my time for the last half marathon that I ran.  She is from Kenya.  2nd place was 2 seconds later by a woman from Michigan.  The USA only had 2 finishers in the top 15 women.
The top 2 male runners were from Kenya as well.  They finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes.  (4 seconds separated them).  Those Kenyans were built to run. There was only 1 male USA runner in the top 15 male finishers.
They reported that the weather conditions were ideal for a marathon this year.  It's just a matter of time before some INSANE runner comes in under the 2 hour mark.  And for those slow at math...that is under a 5 minute mile.  for 26 miles.  wow.

Really, I'm currently running so that I can justify the cute, new running outfit that I bought last week.  Whatever it takes...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break and Cole in the Kitchen...

Here's something funny...yesterday, as part of the spring break festivities in our neck of the woods, we planned to movie day with lots and lots of kids.  It didn't happen as the movie was sold out and the back up plan was Tron which ended up being in 3D and my eyes do not process 3D (seriously, 10% of the population is in my same boat.)  So, the movie didn't happen.  But, the park did happen.  SCERA Park.  Felt like old times.  but, that didn't last too long because we were not prepared with beverages or bathrooms.  So, we did the next best thing.  We went to Costco.  All together there were 4 adults and about 40 kids.  (maybe that is a tiny exageration, but Cole counts as about 10 kids himself).  We were there to pickup a bulk treat like ice cream bars but not before we fed the kiddos a healthy dinner of samples.  The sample people saw us coming and quickly started cutting the samples into 1/2's or even 1/4's.  The funniest part to me was when Amara told the sample man that we were a bunch of homeschoolers on a field trip to learn more about business or something.  Then I asked if any of the Sister Wives knew where our husband had disappeared to.  But, that ended up not being as funny because you can get run outta town for things like that.  So, we just grabbed our samples and headed on our way.
Today Cole's highlight was making cookies.  He was a bear this morning, so I made him take a nap.  He woke up so nice and sweet.  When he asked if we could make cookies together I caved and put on my apron to join to him in the kitchen.  I have seriously not made cookies since, oh like, October.  We haven't really had treats in the house since Christmas Day when I ate all of the goodies in the house and then swore that every other treat that entered my house would go straight to the trash.
I have to get rid of today's cookie evidence before Rick gets home from work tonight at 9:00.  I haven't even eaten a whole cookie yet, but they need to get out of my house.  I think I will send the kids out through the neighborhood peddling whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.  Like the lady on Monday who was selling her egg rolls...which I totally purchased.  because I felt bad for her.  now she will come back every week.  Except that I was one step ahead and have already purchased my no soliciting sign for the front door.  I better get it out there or we will be eating egg rolls for dinner again next week.
And I better get some plates of cookies ready for Cole to deliver to the neighbors.  At least the neighbors who are not on the "do not deliver" list.  You know who you are.

Pictures of Cole in the kitchen.  Not taken today, by the way.  the Cookies are safe to eat.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Rick!

After my last post with the Conan O'Brian anniversary photo, Rick requested that I post some pictures of his hair.  So, in keeping with the birthday tradition that I have started this year, here are just a few pictures of Rick and all of his hair...
I don't think this is what he had in mind.  oh well.  it's my blog.

age 2

age 3, I love this one

First Day of first grade.  Take a good look at that lunch box.  
(I wonder how much that is worth now.  I would totally take that to the Antique Road Show)

First Grade Picture
April 1977, with his birthday goodies...a gun and a car.  
Bet he wishes that is what he's getting this year, too.


January 1988 in Scofield

OHS Senior Photo, class of '88
I had to include this one just for the slight view of the mullet.

April 10, 1994.  
This picture may have been taken by me.
February 1998, Summer's first day of Nursery.

Cole and Rick at the black sand beach on Maui, 12/2008

October 2008

Maui, 2008
 Nebo Loop, 2009

Glacier National Park, Logan Pass Visitors Center

Rick and Hooee

That one bridge 

The Big Island, 2010

And he can surf

Boy Camp 2010, going to the races

Hobble Creek Half Marathon, 8/2010
Rick was so nice.  When he finished, he turned around and ran back to find me so that he could finish the my last mile with me.

Happy Birthday Rick.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary.  16 years.
And since Rick is working all day today/tonight, I thought I would post this picture for all to laugh at.
Rick took me to dinner a few days ago.  And to Hawaii last month.
So, we've celebrated.  Now, it's time to work.

What this picture does not show:
Because that it what it did all day.
Do you see me shivering in this picture.  I am.
Do you see how my veil is poofing all funny?
Well, Rick is holding part of it down against my back so that the whole dang thing doesn't just blow right away.
And, I would show you the signature Salt Lake Temple photo of the whole fam damily....
except that there isn't one.
Seriously.  I thought that was the whole reason for trapesing to the big city for an early morning wedding with 458 other happy couples, is so we could have the picture on the step on the east side with everyone who bothered to get up early and wait and wait and wait.
Nope, not us.  No such picture.
Too cold.
And a lame photographer.

On the bright side...
the tulips were beautiful and the ceremony was as well...what I can remember of it.

Oh, and as we were all done with that long, long morning at the temple, I remember getting changed and gathering up all of my stuff and trying to comprehend what had just taken place.  We were walking out of the temple and across North Temple to the parking lot and someone reached over and zipped up the back of my dress.  I was in such a hurry to get outta there that I forgot to have someone help me zip up the back of my dress after I changed.  How lovely.  The things we remember.
oh, and then there's story about the recommend...maybe next year.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

basketweave afghan

Summer wasn't the only one being crafty on the Big Island.
This is my waffle weave afghan that I started in Hawaii.
Most of the progress was made during our overnight tsunami watch and on the airplane.
I'm about half way done.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Technology...

Here are some images of Cole over the last year or so.  
He was always been very mechanical minded.  
When he was less than a year old, her would love to play with the flour sifter, turning the little handle, wondering how it worked.  
Her would crawl underneath Grandpa Waino's recliner and open it and close it over and over again to see how it worked.

I can only imagine what this kid is thinking as he gives the chain saw a once over...

Thank heavens for DVD players in the car...

Playing with the DS in Scofield:

While waiting for a ride in Disney World.  
It might look like he's watching a movie on Rick's phone, but really he is using a special APP to get us fast pass tickets on all rides at Disney World:

 Jon, Cole & Elizabeth (Cole's girlfriend)

And allowing Cole to play a game on the DS, allowed us plenty of free time in Hawaii to do girly things like paint our nails.

When we got back from Hawaii, Cole asked me if he could have a bath in the tub in my bathroom.
I figured it was a great idea so I could keep an eye on him while I unpacked my suitcase.
However, the cable TV wasn't working on the small bathroom TV for some reason which I could not explain.  here is our conversation...
Cole:  "mom can I have a bath in your tub?"
Me:  "Yes"
Cole:  "Can I watch a show?"
Me:  "The TV does not work, so you will have to watch a video."
Cole:  "Video?"
Me:  "yes.  Video."
Cole:  "mom, what is video?"
Me:  "you know, like a movie, a DVD."
Cole:  "oh.  DVD.  Then you should just say DVD, I don't know what video means."

Wow, I'm old.  Because I said "Video" and because my child does not know what that means.
Seriously though, it's not like a told him he could borrow my Sony Walkman.
Everyone knows what videos are, don't they?
And, by the way, I never owned a Sony Walkman.

Let's get Crafty...

This is BK in the new apron she whipped up at my house last week.
Darn it all--I forgot to take a picture of the polka dot cuteness of a baby quilt she's working on, too!

And this was a creation that my Visit Teacher/friend put together on Friday afternoon to wear on a hot date over the weekend.  Ahhh, to be 18 again.

More flowery fun.  It almost feels like spring around here.

And this is a quilt top that I helped my mom finish.
She got it started and then it "wasn't working for her"
She brought a bag of squares & scraps to my house and this is what we ended up with.
I can't wait to see how she finishes it.  
I love Black & White.