Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 recent shows

The girls have played a few shows recently.
the first show was at Velour in Provo the night before school started.
They opened the show for Kira Stone. And then Maddy Wilson played.

Here they are with Maddy Wilson who is very, very country.
 It was a really fun night at Velour with a evening full of beautiful female performers.

Then they were invited to play at the ESPN VIP Tent for the University of Utah football game against Utah State.
Here they are setting up.  It was 97 degrees at 4 pm.
There was a problem with the generator that they had there so we had to come up with a plan B.

We were able to run some extension cords from a power source along the building.

Here they are playing, finally.  Poor Trevor was in the sun the entire time.

We felt a little out of place among so many red shirts.

Not really the ideal stage situation.

Rick looks like a bouncer in this shot.

It seemed like a bomb of a performance.
there were a few highlights.
We got to eat.  Including unlimited fat boys for Cole.
And, someone in the audience wanted to book them (paying) for 3 more shows in Salt Lake.

On the Monday evening of Homecoming Week, they have a celebration at the MMHS.
The first band to play was the band that Summer was originally in last year before she and Trevor broke off to play with Sierra.  Alexandra & McKenna told me that they were pretty good except they couldn't sing.  (kinda important for a band)

It was fun.  They drew quite a crowd.  

Covering an Ingrid Michaelson tune.

Love to watch Sierra.  She is getting to be quite comfortable on stage. (which happened to be our long trailer that the school borrows each year to use as a stage.  I guess if they keep "borrowing" our stage, the girls will keep continuing to perform)

This little guy in the orange shirt was working the stage right along with Trevor the entire time.
And bless Trevor's heart, he didn't miss a beat.  He talked to him and ignored him and whatever it took to make the show go on.  oh, and Trevor happened to know the kid.

There was a slim chance for the SASH to open for the Blue Aces show last night at BYU.
Unfortunately we weren't able to put that together soon enough and it didn't happen.
Maybe next time.  But, still exciting to think that the opportunity was there.

Update on this guy...

Labor Day at Lanny's house
August 2013 in Scofield
MMHS Homecoming Extravaganza
Sierra's birthday party with the family
Man, this kid has a hard time with change.  I mean, a really hard time.
I was seriously afraid that he was going to get kicked out of school.
Rick went to the school, talked to the principal, talked with the teachers, talked with the counselor.
I have spent my mornings (and afternoons) visiting the school, checking up on the little guy.
We have spent hours reading, working on homework, and the piano...oh the piano.
But, I am happy to report that Cole is still in school.  He is doing better in his classes.  There is still room for improvement.  He is still going to the counselor.  And piano is still a struggle--sometimes.
He is happier, more cooperative, and is overall a much better kid than he was a month ago.
I don't know what the deal is with the beginning of the school year, but I am already dreading August 2014.
Thanks for your support and prayers for this little guy.  It means a lot to us and obviously is a big help to him.

Cole has been so funny recently about aliens.  He overheard us talking about Area 57 a few days ago.
Then he saw some Youtube videos at the neighbors house about ghosts.  He was afraid of his own shadow.
So, he came up to my bed the other night and said, "Mom, are ghosts real?"
We had a little talk about ghosts and then I asked him if he was OK and if there was anything else he wanted to talk about.
He said, "yah, what ARE buffalo wings?"

Monday, September 16, 2013

MMHS Homecoming

Homecoming with Kelly Jones.
a little help with the boutineer. 

Summer's vintage dress.  Let's just say that the shoes cost more than the dress.
She did her own hair.  She paid for her nails to be done.
She wore my earrings.  And we made the boutineer. 
(Sure beats the $500 dresses that she looked at last summer.)


hehe...funny story.
Kelly came over on Sunday afternoon for our family party for Sierra's birthday.
Summer and Brandi were talking about Kelly a little bit later.
Brandi said that Kelly looked like an Ambercrombie model.
Summer asked if that was good and BK said, "Well, they're not ugly."
So, Summer went to school and told Kelly that BK thought he looked like an Ambercrombie model.
Kelly said, "that's cool.  What's Ambercrombie?"

Friday the 13th

Sierra Jean Herlevi, September 13, 2000.  Grand Blanc, MI.


 Disney World, 11/2010

 Race for the Cure

 Glacier National Park, September 2009

at Uncle Dick's Funeral

Maui, 2009

 Big Island

Easter 2013 when she realized she was going to see Imagine Dragons.

Last day of braces, the day after school got out, 2013

Braces off

Anasazi Indian Village State Park, 6/2014

Recording Studio, Summer 2013

July 2013

July 2013

Homecoming, MMHS, September 2013

Homecoming 2013

Sierra was so thrilled earlier this year when she discovered that her 13th birthday could fall on Friday the 13th.  She likes to point out that she was born at 1 pm which is the 13th hour.  I mean really, who turns 13 on Friday the 13th at 13:00?  
She went to school, to her first junior high dance and to hang out with friends on her birthday.
Opened gifts and had cupcakes on Saturday, the 14th.
And a family BBQ on Sunday, the 15th.
A weekend long celebration.

Her birthday request after eating sugar-free for a month was a chocolate cake.
Homemade by dad (mostly).
She also requested tortillas.

Fun times everyone!!
Thanks for coming.