Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 recent shows

The girls have played a few shows recently.
the first show was at Velour in Provo the night before school started.
They opened the show for Kira Stone. And then Maddy Wilson played.

Here they are with Maddy Wilson who is very, very country.
 It was a really fun night at Velour with a evening full of beautiful female performers.

Then they were invited to play at the ESPN VIP Tent for the University of Utah football game against Utah State.
Here they are setting up.  It was 97 degrees at 4 pm.
There was a problem with the generator that they had there so we had to come up with a plan B.

We were able to run some extension cords from a power source along the building.

Here they are playing, finally.  Poor Trevor was in the sun the entire time.

We felt a little out of place among so many red shirts.

Not really the ideal stage situation.

Rick looks like a bouncer in this shot.

It seemed like a bomb of a performance.
there were a few highlights.
We got to eat.  Including unlimited fat boys for Cole.
And, someone in the audience wanted to book them (paying) for 3 more shows in Salt Lake.

On the Monday evening of Homecoming Week, they have a celebration at the MMHS.
The first band to play was the band that Summer was originally in last year before she and Trevor broke off to play with Sierra.  Alexandra & McKenna told me that they were pretty good except they couldn't sing.  (kinda important for a band)

It was fun.  They drew quite a crowd.  

Covering an Ingrid Michaelson tune.

Love to watch Sierra.  She is getting to be quite comfortable on stage. (which happened to be our long trailer that the school borrows each year to use as a stage.  I guess if they keep "borrowing" our stage, the girls will keep continuing to perform)

This little guy in the orange shirt was working the stage right along with Trevor the entire time.
And bless Trevor's heart, he didn't miss a beat.  He talked to him and ignored him and whatever it took to make the show go on.  oh, and Trevor happened to know the kid.

There was a slim chance for the SASH to open for the Blue Aces show last night at BYU.
Unfortunately we weren't able to put that together soon enough and it didn't happen.
Maybe next time.  But, still exciting to think that the opportunity was there.


Amara said...

Oh! You posted before Sunday! Yeah Rick looks like one of the POTUS secret service -especially with the shades. There are some truly beautiful shots of Sierra in here too -so nice to see her start to come into her own.

Ryan and Amber said...

Let's have these girls of yours perform at a block party up this way! I need to see these talents live aaannnd lament with you about stubborn little boys who resist change. ;)