Monday, September 16, 2013

MMHS Homecoming

Homecoming with Kelly Jones.
a little help with the boutineer. 

Summer's vintage dress.  Let's just say that the shoes cost more than the dress.
She did her own hair.  She paid for her nails to be done.
She wore my earrings.  And we made the boutineer. 
(Sure beats the $500 dresses that she looked at last summer.)


hehe...funny story.
Kelly came over on Sunday afternoon for our family party for Sierra's birthday.
Summer and Brandi were talking about Kelly a little bit later.
Brandi said that Kelly looked like an Ambercrombie model.
Summer asked if that was good and BK said, "Well, they're not ugly."
So, Summer went to school and told Kelly that BK thought he looked like an Ambercrombie model.
Kelly said, "that's cool.  What's Ambercrombie?"


Amara said...

Great dress. Love the beading.

Ryan and Amber said...

She is gorgeous... What is with that peaches n cream skin? Spill the secrets u r hoarding already!