Thursday, September 27, 2012

MMHS Homecoming

Last week was Maple Mountain Homecoming week.
Summer was in charge of all of the festivities.
Not really.  but it sure felt like it.
On Monday evening, Maple Mountain had their first ever Homecoming Extravaganza.
Summer was in charge of the entertainment.  She/Rick hauled our trailer down to the parking lot by the football field so that they could use it as a stage.
Several bands played, including Horizon's Echo which is Summer's band.
4 guys and 1 girl.
I think they needed the 1 girl just to keep them all organized.
 Sound check.
 Sierra brought her violin and she played with Summer for their last number.
No pictures of the actual playing because I was videoing for Rick because he was at work (10 days in a row--I'm dying!!)

 Lindsay came to hear Summer sing.

 Next up was the pie eating contest.  Sierra, Summer and Cole are spectators.

 the actual pie eating mess.
 Ivan and Summer
(btw, Ivan reminds me of much that it's creepy)
 Student Council Friends.
Summer, Malia, Randy, Maddy

Maple Mountain played Mountain View for their homecoming FB game.
(which we did not attend because Rick was working)
Maple Mountain won their very first homecoming football game:  20 -- 7

Saturday was the dance.
Summer helped with the decorations.
They stayed after the football game decorating the gym until 1 am.
(good thing homecoming is just once a year...this is killing me)

Summer went to the dance--without a date, of course, she is not 16.  
She was assigned to sell tickets.

 Her YW leader did her fancy hair.
 We took Summer to the high school to drop her off for the dance.
It was very early and they were still getting things ready.  
Here is Cole sitting at the ticket table 
 The gym looked much better when everything was ready and the lights were turned down.
Cole was helping Coach Smith tape down the extension cords.
(Good thing he had that fancy pocket knife, thanks Larry)

Here are the Sophomore Class Officers that all attended dateless.
Nate was kind enough to take turns dancing with each of them throughout the evening.

I'm pretty sure the entire week would have been a bust without the help of the Sophomore Class Officers--particularly the Vice President!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Fisher is my oldest nephew and he was baptized on Saturday by his Dad, Landon.
Fisher was baptized in Orem at the very same church that I was baptized in 34 1/2 years ago.
And I think they were wearing the very same jumpsuits.
It wasn't a usual Stake Baptism day because it was in the middle of the month.
Fisher's birthday was 9/11 and they allowed him to be baptized right away so that he could attend the Brigham City Temple Broadcast that will be next week.  I think that is cool.
Fisher was the only one being baptized that day so it was an intimate family gathering.
A member of the High Council was conducting and had some really nice things to say about Lanny and his family.  The Stake President was there and also shared some really nice thoughts.
AND there was a member of the General Primary Presidency.  WOW.  big time.
Melinda gave a really good talk and used the example of a hard boiled egg.
Fisher colored on the outside of the egg with crayons, each color representing different sins.
Then Melinda explained how we can be baptized.
That is like peeling the egg and shedding the sins, resulting in a brand new white egg.
But, we can do this over and over again.
Grandma Nan shared her testimony and talked to Fisher/Bryan about how we can use this lessons and apply it to our lives, wiping our sins away and starting over.
She also talked about Papa Kent and how proud he would be to see Fisher be baptized.
I have felt my Dad's influence many times in the last 8 1/2 years.
But, never have I felt his presence as strongly as I did as that ordinance was being performed.
I am absolutely certain that my Dad was there that day among others who have gone before us. 
After the baptism we went to Lanny's house for a brunch.

 The girl cousins.

 Gage is a hoot.  He finished his chocolate milk and then wanted to show everyone.

 Summer and Sierra

 Cole was sneaking a donut.  He will be the next cousin to be baptized.

Then someone asked if Jesus came to the party.  
uhh, no.  that's Bryan.  Not Jesus.
And this is me to the left.  holding an empty box of dunford chocolate cake donuts.

 I told my siblings that one day when I am dead everyone will be glad that I brought my camera.
And forced them to pose.  And flex.

 My favorite part of this picture is my calf muscle.
If you look there you will not notice that my eyes are closed.
And that there is a small animal nesting on my head.

Possibly my favorite one.

I guess she didn't like what I had to say.

The boys were enjoying this as much as the girls.

The 80's called.  They want their glasses back.
And their hair.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Rock Relay Zion 2012

Last spring sometime Rick and I were getting ready for bed and Rick was checking his email.
He said something like this..."They're putting together a team for the Red Rock Relay.  I have that weekend off.  That would be fun.  We should do it."
And I said something like, "yeah, we totally should..."
So, the next morning Rick said, "OK.  I signed us up."
And I said, "For what?"
He said, "The Red Rock Relay.  Remember?"
And I said, "Yes, I totally (do not) remember."
And this is how it went down:
(Mostly just for my own memory...)
 We were in the first van and had a 6 am start time at Brian Head Ski Resort.
Our first runner, John, started our from the hotel in the dark and totally sprained his ankle in the first mile.  He had to run to this ski lift, ride it to the top of the mountain and run down.  This is the sun coming up while we waited for him to run down.  On a sprained ankle!!  Tough guy.

 We drove our Escalade for the "Van #1"
Rick ran the 3rd leg.  Here he is waiting for the runner before him.
Rick's leg was a medium, 8 miles, downhill, at 10,000 feet.
Go Rick.

 Views along the way.

 Cedar Breaks
 Some of our teammates walking back from the lookout.
Notice John in green with his foot iced and wrapped in black tape.
Good thing we were prepared.

 Here comes Rick as he finishes his 8 miles.
 Hand off to Kelli.  My turn to run 7 miles downhill at 9,000 feet.
 Rick was waiting in the car about every 2 miles for me to give me water.
My biggest problem was a major head cold.
I had to keep blowing my nose.
It was awful.
 The homestretch was uphill.  So hard!
 Hand off to Ashton.  I think she is half my age.  
And half my size.
We were the only 2 girls in our van.
Cole saw her picture and wondered why there was a teenager on our team.
 Rick, Ashton, Black, John, (and Taylor & wife--not on our team.  Taylor works with Rick)
Waiting at the PE Building in Cedar City for the other van to finish.
Time for our 2nd round.
 Sunny, Melissa, Ashton, Cheryl
 I watched this guy in the chair cross the line in Cedar City.
I thought I was the oldest person running, but this proved me wrong.
He looks to be a few years older than I am.
His teammate came to congratulate him on his run.
I had to snap a picture just of this.  I was afraid he was going to keel over.

Ashton took over at Cedar City for our Van.  
We headed west out into the desert as evening approached.
Next up was Blake.
Then John.  8 miles in the dark. On a dirt road.  With a sprained ankle.  It was purple and huge by now.
Rick ran next.  6 miles.  hills. dark.  
Then I ran.  5 miles.  hills.  dark.  dirt road.
It was so dusty and I was totally creeped out by running in the dark.  
Jaron ran after I did and he was our final runner.  
He had an allergic reaction to the alfalfa or something.  His eyes were swollen shut.
Rick grabbed the first aid kit and Ashton gave him a shot of benedryl.

 I forgot to bring my camera on the last leg.  We started in Veyo at 5 am.
Ashton was first again.
She was asleep when we got there.  We made a couple of wrong turns and our runner was already waiting for us.  We quickly woke Ashton up and shoved her out of the car to run.
John was next.  Another 6 miles.  In the dark.  on a sprained ankle.
Then me.  It was an easy 2.7 miles of hills down Snow Canyon as the sun was rising.
I kinda enjoyed it.
(This was supposed to be Rick's leg.  But the other team had a sick runner, so we tried to make up for it.  Becky wasn't feeling well.  She ran a tough run down the canyon into Cedar City earlier.  Didn't feel well.  Took a zofran.  Didn't drink enough.  When we got back to the condo after our 2nd leg, she was still in bed.  They started an IV and hooked her up to some fluids.  Put her on the bottom bunk and duct taped the bag to the top bunk.)

Blake was next.  5 miles.  lots of up hills.
Jaron ran another fast 5.
Then I ran an easy 2 miles to the Washington Community Center at 10 am. 
We were supposed to change vans here, but Rick took their first run.
It was s tough 6 miler up and down Telegraph Road.
It was close to 10:30 am and about 80+ degrees.
Ran past the condo.  I was watching for him to come.
I met him with some water and a hat.
Then I drove the last mile to the next stop exchange to pick him up.
Then the other van took over the last 5 legs. 
They were killers.  Through Hurricane and on to Zion's.  
We went back to the condo and showered.
When we caught up with the other van in Springdale, it was 100 degrees at 5 pm.
Here is a view of the finish line at the end of 187 miles.

Melissa was our final runner.
Here she is on her knees just after the finish.

 "Code Disaster"
Jaron, Blake, John, Jarom, Rick
Ashton, Cheryl, Sunny, Melmer, Kelli, Crystal, Becky

This was one of the hardest things I have done.
But, it was so much fun.
I highly recommend a race like this if you are looking for a challenge or a change.
Thanks "Code Disaster" for allowing me to participate on your team even if I was the oldest and slowest!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

sleeping beauties...Summer & Lillie

Dinner consisted of curry.  lots of curry.  Summer made the one on the bottom:  Thai Red Curry.

Summer and Kris took the Razor for a spin through the church parking lot

Girl cousins playing

Then it was time to roast some hotdogs.

Don't they look tasty?

Sierra, Summer & Cole

Summer and her s'more

Cole building his sugary creation


We went to Church on Sunday.  It was the second Sunday that the new church building has been used.
There were 450 people in attendance at Sacrament Meeting.  The capacity for the new building in 478.
That was a lot of people!!
Since we were all dressed up, we had to have a photo shoot.
It was my idea.  Thanks everyone.

The grandkids

 Whoops, missed one.  now, we have all the grandkids

 Kris and the nieces & nephew

Grandma & Grandpa with the grandkids

Just the girls

 Grandma and Grandpa with their children & Hooee (what?)

Just the guys

 Jon, Teresa, and Lillie

 Cole, Kelli, Sierra, Summer, & Rick

 all the girls

me and my girls

  the big girls 

the wild girls

there was also some rain, some frisbee, some cookies, some 4-wheeling, some donuts...lots of fun.