Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

sleeping beauties...Summer & Lillie

Dinner consisted of curry.  lots of curry.  Summer made the one on the bottom:  Thai Red Curry.

Summer and Kris took the Razor for a spin through the church parking lot

Girl cousins playing

Then it was time to roast some hotdogs.

Don't they look tasty?

Sierra, Summer & Cole

Summer and her s'more

Cole building his sugary creation


We went to Church on Sunday.  It was the second Sunday that the new church building has been used.
There were 450 people in attendance at Sacrament Meeting.  The capacity for the new building in 478.
That was a lot of people!!
Since we were all dressed up, we had to have a photo shoot.
It was my idea.  Thanks everyone.

The grandkids

 Whoops, missed one.  now, we have all the grandkids

 Kris and the nieces & nephew

Grandma & Grandpa with the grandkids

Just the girls

 Grandma and Grandpa with their children & Hooee (what?)

Just the guys

 Jon, Teresa, and Lillie

 Cole, Kelli, Sierra, Summer, & Rick

 all the girls

me and my girls

  the big girls 

the wild girls

there was also some rain, some frisbee, some cookies, some 4-wheeling, some donuts...lots of fun.

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Amara said...

That's a cute little baby. We had a couple of little tinys staying with us this weekend, and I missed those baby laughs and the playing! I didn't even realize it. Lucky you to have a whole weekend to share with her (and the rest of your family too I guess).