Thursday, September 27, 2012

MMHS Homecoming

Last week was Maple Mountain Homecoming week.
Summer was in charge of all of the festivities.
Not really.  but it sure felt like it.
On Monday evening, Maple Mountain had their first ever Homecoming Extravaganza.
Summer was in charge of the entertainment.  She/Rick hauled our trailer down to the parking lot by the football field so that they could use it as a stage.
Several bands played, including Horizon's Echo which is Summer's band.
4 guys and 1 girl.
I think they needed the 1 girl just to keep them all organized.
 Sound check.
 Sierra brought her violin and she played with Summer for their last number.
No pictures of the actual playing because I was videoing for Rick because he was at work (10 days in a row--I'm dying!!)

 Lindsay came to hear Summer sing.

 Next up was the pie eating contest.  Sierra, Summer and Cole are spectators.

 the actual pie eating mess.
 Ivan and Summer
(btw, Ivan reminds me of much that it's creepy)
 Student Council Friends.
Summer, Malia, Randy, Maddy

Maple Mountain played Mountain View for their homecoming FB game.
(which we did not attend because Rick was working)
Maple Mountain won their very first homecoming football game:  20 -- 7

Saturday was the dance.
Summer helped with the decorations.
They stayed after the football game decorating the gym until 1 am.
(good thing homecoming is just once a year...this is killing me)

Summer went to the dance--without a date, of course, she is not 16.  
She was assigned to sell tickets.

 Her YW leader did her fancy hair.
 We took Summer to the high school to drop her off for the dance.
It was very early and they were still getting things ready.  
Here is Cole sitting at the ticket table 
 The gym looked much better when everything was ready and the lights were turned down.
Cole was helping Coach Smith tape down the extension cords.
(Good thing he had that fancy pocket knife, thanks Larry)

Here are the Sophomore Class Officers that all attended dateless.
Nate was kind enough to take turns dancing with each of them throughout the evening.

I'm pretty sure the entire week would have been a bust without the help of the Sophomore Class Officers--particularly the Vice President!

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