Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Sheep Cafe

We don't get out much.
So we are never "those people" who can rattle off the names of all of the restaurants they have eaten at in the last month, what the daily specials are, and which restaurant has the best dessert menu.

But, we have found a great little place in Provo.
It's called the Black Sheep Cafe.
It's on University Ave. at about 50 North.
We took the kids once during the summer and when it was time for Sierra to pick a place to eat for her birthday a few weeks ago, she chose Black Sheep Cafe.

The girls got a Navajo taco sampler to share (good choice).

Cole got these blue corn taquitos.

 Rick and I shared a Black Sheep Salad (It comes with a prickly pear vinaigrette--I may have licked the plate)  Our main course was a Black Sheep Burger with homemade sweet potato fries.  I ate the fries and took the burger home for lunch the following day.  That little pointy thing hanging off the bottom of the burger (which was served on a nanniskadii bread, not a bun) was a roasted pasilla pepper.  So tasty.

Front Entrance to Black Sheep Cafe.
We highly recommend.

One more picture of the birthday girl.
Happy 12 Sierra.

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Amara said...

I had a nightmare. So glad your blog was here for me. We'll check this place out soon. Looks awesome. Maybe we need to go pick prickly pears and make some true pioneer jam. They've got to be in season now. We'd eat them all the time when I was a kid.