Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blackett Reunion. kind of.

I learned a lesson a few months ago...
Never attend a family gathering without bringing a camera.

Because once you start bringing a camera, everyone will always expect you to bring a camera.
plus, it's a good idea...
You will always be the one with the photos--you won't have to try to track down photos from other people, because that is hard.
AND, you can always use the photos for blackmail.  and good laughs.

So, here is the story...
there was supposed to be a wedding this summer.  
and people bought plane tickets.  and traveled from distant lands.
and then the groom wanted to spend lots of money.
and not grow up.
so there wasn't a wedding.
but people were still gathered.
so instead of a wedding,
there was a party!!

with lots of food.

and Cleda (who traveled from Tennessee and recently had double knee replacement surgery)
wanted us to see her scars and her new knees.

but, then Bette didn't want to be outdone by her younger sister, 
so she showed us her knees.

and since 3 sisters were already on the couch,
Bev decided that she wanted to be part of the fun...

and show off her arthritic feet.

and since they were already for a picture, 
Bev taught them how to pose...

but, that wasn't enough
so she had them put their arms in the air 
and their hands behind their ears
and their glasses in their mouth

and that was so much fun that SIL Donna and Cousin Brenda had to join the fun
by pointing their fingers and resting their chins in their hands.

then things really got crazy...

because there was an audience.

so the next generation decided to go outside and snap some shots.
and since it was all girls and Rick wasn't there
they let me join in on the fun

but we didn't have the talent to get ourselves into
a reasonable pose...

so Bev helped us do this...

and this.
(awkward family pictures??)

the menfolk just sat back and watched.
of course.

and they would not move,
so we gathered the young-ins
and took one big group photo of
all of the generations of men boys.

and the granddaughters,
or the great-granddaughters, I guess you would say...
they couldn't pose either.

Bev to the rescue...


and the great grandsons.
they played and played and wore themselves out.

Cole just loves Bev.

and it looks like Bev loves Cole.

Bev still wanted in on the action of displaying odd body parts
so she insisted that they put their feet up on the couch.

and rest their elbows on their knees.

Cole says, "I love you"

*all photos taken by Summer.  with an iPad.
not the best quality.
and their may still be some video that didn't make the blog.


Kristine said...

The sisters really know how to coordinate their colors. I sure missed out. Time to move back home.

Amara said...

That Bev looks like a character. So... this is which side of the family? Rick's mom's side?