Thursday, November 29, 2007

something popping in the apricot tree

We looked out the window and what did we see, Summer and Sierra pushing Cole in the apricot tree. Ok, it doesn't really fit the music, but we thought this was a fun picture. I think the kids were just happy to have warm enough weather to get out and play. We should have snow by tomorrow night. UGH.
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nighty night, my little ones

I don't really know why, but I think my kids are adorable when they are asleep. I have taken a million pictures of them sleeping and someday when it's quiet in my house during the day I will make a scrapbook of only sleeping kids. Sierra is wearing her favorite nighttime accessory--the Easter bunny ears from our friends in Mississippi, the Joyners. She sleeps with them almost every night. Cole was destructive the other day and broke the headband. We are searching for a way to repair the bunny ears or else wait until Easter to find a new pair.

Summer is so funny when she sleeps because half the time she has her eyes open--it's creepy. She has Ruffy with her. He came from Kirksville. Summer and I had gone home to Utah for a visit. When we returned to K'ville, Rick had bought her that goofy looking puppy in the KCOM bookstore. He's part of the family.

Cole is mostly a good little sleeper. But I won't lie, most of the time it is a countdown to his bedtime each night. He loves his blanket and his tractor pillow. His bed is usually full of trucks, blankets, books and animals. And he will wake up crying and fussy each morning. We all know not to get him out of bed until he makes happy sounds or we will pay for it for the rest of the day. Sometimes he will talk and sing for an hour before we get him out of bed.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 6k

I talked Bryan into running the Thanksgiving day 6k. It has been an Orem tradition for 27 years. Bryan wondered how he could live in the same town his entire life and not know one thing about this popular event that has been happening since before he was born.

I called him the night before to warn him of the low temps. He said, "you didn't tell me this thing was outside." Where in the world did you think that 1000+ people were going to run 4 miles, Bryan?

Kristine and Teresa ran with us. We didn't stick around long eneough after the finish to find out how high we placed. I'm sure they'll print the winner's names in the paper or knock on the door with my trophy or something. I guess I'll just have to wait.

Mile Marker #2. I ran the entire 4 miles. I was so proud of myself for not needing to stop and walk. It was 23 degrees outside when we got ready to go. But, once the sun came up and we got that first 1/2 mile behind us, we were toasty. Can't wait until next year.

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101.9 the end

Rick and I have been big music fans forever. When we went on our first date, I remember thinking, "too bad I don't like this guy because we really have a lot in common as far as music goes." We have always been big fans of alternative rock. We started listening to KJQ and then 107.5 the end, and now 101.9 the end with a little X96 in there somewhere. Even when we lived outside of Utah, we would listen to Chunga and Marcus, now Chunga and Mister over the internet. We settled on listening to sattelite radio for a while in Mississippi because we didn't care much for Christian rock or Country. I know it sounds a little weak, but we were so excited to move back to Utah so that we could listen to good radio. Well, about 6 months ago there was a little shake up at our favorite station and we heard this new guy named Parker. I hated him at first, but now we are BFF. Sierra was the first one to meet Parker at a Jiffy Lube. She talked Rick into stopping in for a free CD. A few days later we found ourselves at the End Summer Jamboree at Thanksgiving Point especially to hear Colbie Caillat. We were walking around and Sierra screamed "that's Parker" and the next thing we new Sierra was introducing the rest of us to Parker. One thing led to another and we found ourselves listening to Colbie in the EndZone and later meeting her and taking pictures backstage. We LOVE Parker. We listen to him religiously. It's weird.

On Wednesday they were doing a food drive and I bribed the girls to clean their rooms by telling them that we would go see Parker. Well, it worked because here we are dropping off our bag of canned goods and talking to Parker on the radio. Seriously, there will be some kids that will come back from Thanksgiving break having gone to DisneyLand or some other magical place. But, none will be happier than Summer and sierra who got to hang out with Parker and talk on the radio. Plus we got a couple of free CD's and a free pizza coupon. Parker rocks.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Girls Night in Mapleton

Jason had a scout campout and Rick was working so we thought it would be fun to get together for a quiet evening with just the girls. Well, it wasn't that quiet, but I think we all had fun. We fixed French Toast and bacon for dinner. Once we got that mess cleaned up we made some scones. I think the kids were a little disappointed because it wasn't the kind of scones that they had in mind. You can see them on the cookie sheet on the left. Shortly after we took this picture, Lanny called with the medical drama of the moment--Lance had falled and they thought maybe he had broken his collar bone. 2 hours later plus a $100 copay--he was right. And there was nothing they could do about it. More bills to come.
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Mini Pies

We had a little bit of pie crust dough left over so I decided to make some mini pies to sample before Thursday.
I had PLENTY of berries so we made raspberry, strawberry, blackberry pie. Cole couldn't resist even though I told him they were still hot. He was so mesmerized by the pies, I don't think he even realized that I captured the whole thing on film.

He added to new words to his word list today: Pie and hot.
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Berry Pie

I went to the Lindon Cannery last week to bag berries for Food Storage. I came home with $42 worth of berrries so I decided to make a berry pie. Looks pretty good except for that little spot near the bottom where the juices started oozing out. I think dad would like my berry pies, too.
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pie making

I started making pies on Tuesday so that in case they didn't turn out OK, I would have time to run to a bakery somewhere and locate a pie. I have had the responsibility of making the Thanksgiving Pecan Pies for several years now. I got a good recipe when I lived in Kirksville and my dad loved it. So, every year I have made a Pecan Pie for my dad. Making pies reminds me of my dad, especially at Thanksgiving. I talked to Bryan on the phone a few days ago and all he wanted to know was if I was going to make a pecan pie for thanksgiving. He would probably be OK with a PB&J for dinner as long as there was pecan pie.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Cole's Vocabulary by age 2

I have been keeping a mental list of all of Cole's words that he can speak. I have a few of them written down. But, Cole has experienced what Rick has termed a "language explosion" over the last few weeks. So, I am keeping a list of all the words Cole speaks by the time he turns 2 next week. It seems that every few minutes I grab a pen and write down another new word.
Here is the list:
mom (not necessarily the first word, but hey, I'm the one making the list)
sus (summer)
yaya (sierra)
baba (bottle)
choo choo
french fries
Nanny (Lanny)
soy sauce
yoyo (yogurt)
dump truck
all done
bye bye
night light
mini (dad is so proud)
hell no (Halloween)

additions in the last week:
Chimies (rice krispies)
ho ho ho
Chimus (Christmas)
Chimus chee (Christmas Tree)
sam's club --that's my boy
lawn mower -absolutely hilarious watching him say the word, not to mention push his new lawn mower

I think I'm done keeping track, he just keeps talking and talking and talking, he must be related to his sister, Summer.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Merry Christmas

This is Happy happy mom. This was the Robison Family Christmas Party from 2006. We got books and pajamas and ate lots of yummy food.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cole and Kris

Aunt Kris came down on Halloween to to help supervise Cole. I think they are dividing up the smarties in this shot.
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Cole's signiture

This is a photo of cole's signiture on the side of the counter. It matches the one on the pantry door, the bar stools, and the floor.  What a sweet boy.  He will some day outgrown this stage, won't he?  Please someone tell me yes. 
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This is the amaryllis from last year. I planted it a few weeks ago and we have had fun watching it grow on the kitchen counter. About 5 days ago Cole got frustrated with Sierra and grabbed the leaves and yanked it out of the pot and was swinging it around above his head like a lasso. The poor plant. Dirt was flying everywhere. The poor kid. I just had to turn and walk out of the room so that I didn't have to explain the bruises to DFS. I figured the plant was dead for sure. After vacuuming up all of the dirt and explaining to Cole that plants aren't toys, we tucked the poor little thing back in the pot and crossed our fingers. It's doing better as the days go by. At least now the leaves are starting to grow upwards rather than lying down on the side of the pot. If we can make one of these things grow--anyone can!
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This was last years Relief Society Project that I thought I would never finish. Well, I did finish and here it is. I think it turned out cute and I just might leave it up all year.
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The "Cole" hawk

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Raise your hand if you love Lasagna

Summer is helping Cole clean up his arms after dinner tonight. We had Lasagna. and carrots.
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Lasagna for dinner

I am so sneaky. I love it. This is the secret ingredient in tonight's dinner. Carrot Puree. HeHeHe. I figure if the kids don't like veggies, I will disguise them. I used to put beans in the cookies so why not carrots in the Lasagna. They ate it like candy.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is Summer when hiked to Slamander Pond while we were in Scofield. We hiked for miles and the girls hardly complained at all. My girls are tough. July 2007
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Cole and Firetruck

This is one of my favorite pictures of Cole. This was taken July 2007 in Scofield, Utah
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Dad and Sierra

This happens to be one of my favorite photos of my dad. I traveled from Detroit to Salt Lake with Summer and Sierra by myself. It was a 4 hour flight with just me and the girls. When I got to Salt Lake I just passed Sierra off to the first person who would take her. This was the first time my dad and Sierra met. Sierra didn't know what to think--neither did dad! 3/2001

Summer, Sierra, Colbie

We took the girls to Thanksgiving Point in August to TheEnd Summer Jamboree, which was a music festival put on by our favorite radio station. We went specifically to see Colbie Callait. We got to be part of the group in the EndZone which is a small private concert where Colbie played 2 songs and answered a few questions. Summer asked her how old she was when she first learned how to play the guitar. Then we went back out and listened to her perform for the whole crowd. Later on in the evening, Parker--our favorite DJ--let the girls go back stage and met Colbie. It was fun. Colbie was very sweet to the girls. Summer said, "her clothes are cute and she smeels good."

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well, it's been a few years now since summer was 2 years old and we went through our Scooby Doo phase, but what is old is new again. Scooby Doo is back!! So, we decided to do the Scooby theme for Halloween. I ordered the Scooby costume from ebay back in September. Cole was a little bit disturbed by the giant Scooby Doo hanging in his closet, but he warmed up to it in time for Halloween. (thank goodness, I would have hated trying to fit one of the girls into that toddler sized costume) So, I started looking on ebay for a Daphne costume. I did indeed find several, however none of them contained enough fabric to actually cover a 10 year olds body sufficiently. So, against my own better judgment I decided that I could easily sew a Daphne costume. Picture me: Rick is working day and night, Cole has several sleepness nights thanks to a lovely bout of croup, and I start a sewing project which I cannot leave unfinished. I am a mental case trying to finish a Daphne costume during Cole's nap one afternoon after about 84 ounces of Diet Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, the seems aren't necessarily even or smooth or anything like the darn picture on the pattern. By the time I got around to the skirt I just grabbed 2 pieces of purple fabric and sewed them together.
And then there's Sierra's costume. Bless her sweet little heart. She agreed to wear an entire costume picked up easily in one quick trip to Walmart. She agreed to wear the sweater once a week for the rest of the winter. And then after the big day, was so thrilled with her outfit, asked if she could be Velma again next year. I sure love that girl.