Monday, July 4, 2011

There might be some blood in this post...

So, we were in Orem a few weeks ago and this happened:
 Cole was playing with the neighbors and he fell off the swing.
Apparently he landed on his head.
Rick was at work.
I told Cole he would be fine.  Just a little scar that would only be visible if he had a buzz cut.
Besides, I didn't want to take him to the ER--it was almost time for dessert.
This little cut caused all that blood.  I can barely see the scar any more.
But, it is a good thing it is covered with hair.

 Yesterday, while we were in Scofield...
This happened:
I had walked down to the railroad tracks to get a cell phone signal.
I tried to call Rick, but I couldn't complete the call.
So, I waited for my email to download, texted a friend and then walked back to the house.
As I walked in, Summer announced..."There has been some drama."
Cole was howling and holding a washcloth to his mouth as Grandma Bette rocked him in the rocking chair.
It appears as though Cole was naughty and the result was that the chair fell back and hit him in the lip.
I told him to stop crying, dinner was almost ready and we were all hungry (do you see the pattern???)
Then, I finally got him to stop crying so I could take a look at the lip.
I thought we would slap some neosporin on his mouth and he'd be fine.
Then I thought maybe some dermabond.
So, I called Rick to see if that would work on his mouth.
He asked how deep the cut was.
I took a closer look and realized that it was pretty deep and I could pull it all the way apart.
He said, "I'm on my way to work, meet me at the hospital."
As we were driving down Spanish Fork Canyon, Cole kept saying, "Tell dad to just glue it".
Rick walked in with this giant needle
and Cole went cross eyed as he watched Rick give him a big old shot right in the mouth.
That kid is TOUGH.

I think he got 3 stitches in the lip.  
He watched every move Rick made.
Later, I asked Rick what they usually do with kids like that.
Do, they cover their eyes or what?
Rick said most of the time the kids are freaked out, they have to sedate them so they can't see what's happening or so they don't remember it.
Nope, not Cole.
I guess that's a good thing since I am predicting he will have future visits to the ER.

 Rick and Cameron working together.
Rick is stitching and Cameron is trying to get perfect placement of the sticker on the forehead.
Notice how Cole has his hands in his pocket.  
He left them there the ENTIRE time.


Kristine said...

My favorite part about the first incident was that we didn't even clean him up. He went on playing & went home that way. That's some good health care at the Herlevi house! I would never let one of my patients go home with blood all over them. Yeah, dessert was more important! Poor kid.

Amara said...

You know, I'm betting knowing his loving Dad was there fixing him up, helped calm him down. Maybe he'll end up in the ER on the other side of this equation someday.

missliss5/Melissa said...

Love that last pic!

Carroll Family said...

I love your reactions!!! Good kid!