Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We've been reading books by Astrid Lindgren:
The Children of Noisy Village followed by
The Emil Series.
About Cole, oops I mean Emil:
Emil Svensson lives with his family on a farm called Katthult, set in the village of Lönneberga a few miles from the town of Vimmerby. His age ranges from about five to eight in the books.

He has fair hair and blue eyes and looks like an angel, but is not, as he also has a prodigious knack for getting into trouble. Contrary to what most people around him think, Emil is not malicious, but does not think about the consequences of his actions. He even states at one point that "you don't make up pranks, they just happen".  The pranks come from kindly actions gone wrong, childish games, curiosity, bad luck and simple thoughtlessness. For example, he gives away food meant for visiting relatives to the poor because in his view they need it more. Other pranks involve his locking his father in the outhouse thoughtlessly when he was locking other doors, hoisting his willing little sister up a flag pole to see how far you could see from there or making everyone believe they are infected with typhus while playing pretend. (from Wikipedia)

We loved the story about the outhouse.  However, it was all I could do as I read these stories out loud to not say "Cole" every time I read the name "Emil".
I have even resorted to calling my youngest child "Emil" from time to time.
We loved these books and wished there were more in the series. (there are just 3)
Now, we have moved on to Pippi Longstocking.
(but, our favorite is still the Children of Noisy Village)
Can't you just see the resemblance?  I won't mind if you slip up and call him  "Emil" like I do


Carroll Family said...

We loved the children of noisy village - we read it on our trip! Thanks for suggesting it!

Amara said...

I think that's the key to these wonderful boys (real and imaginary). They don't do anything with malice, they just "slip up". Emil, although when I substituted his primary class had a really hard time being reverent, never was trying to make anyone mad, or trying to be mean(and I HAVE seen "good" kids that were truly vindictive).He has such a friendly loving personality.