Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running is Mental...

And we're all Insane (thanks amara)

And to celebrate the Boston Marathon last Monday, here are a few thoughts on running...
it sucks.

No, really, it's just 8 more Saturdays until the Utah Valley Marathon.  And if you were holding out to sign up for the Marathon or the half marathon--it's too late.  Both races are full.  But you can still do the 5k.  Which is still a lot of fun.  And 8 weeks is plenty of time to train for a 5k.  Unless it keeps raining.  Keep your fingers crossed.
And just 10 more days until you can sign up for the Hobble Creek Half Marathon.  You know you want to.  It's so much fun.  And such beautiful scenery.  You almost can't feel the pain when you focus on the beauty of the land around you.  (gag, I know).
The race is on Saturday, August 20.
The sign-ups are on May 1.  And by May 1, I mean 12:00 midnight on April 30.  It will fill up within 2 hours and I know that by experience.  So, set your alarm clock for 11:55 pm or just stay up and watch High School Musical.  again.
So much fun. The elevation drop is 1,253 feet from start to finish. They pass out free chocolate milk at the finish line.  What's better than that?

And if a half marathon is too much, then how about doing a 10K.  If you're not so good with math...that is 6.25 miles.  Here are the details...
2011 8th Annual High Altitude Challenge.
10,000 Meters at 10,000 Feet
Skyline Drive--Sanpete County
Race Date:  Saturday, August 6. 9am.
Procedes to go purchase health care equipment for Sanpete Valley Hospital, located in Mt. Pleasant

The race is entirely on a paved surface.  That starting line will be about 1 mile north of Fairview Lakes at the top of Fairview Canyon on Hwy 31.  It begins at 9300 ft and goes uphill for 3 kilometers until it reaches 10,000 ft.  Then it continues downhill for the next 7 kilometers to end at approximately 9100 ft. at the parking lot of Huntington Reservoir.
There is also the option of a 7k walk for those who want to enjoy the beauty and fresh mountain air and support the hospital.

Early registration goes through July 31 and is $25.  The fee for the walk is just $15 register here
Check out the scenery of Skyline Drive...

 You know you want to do this with me.

I mean, running is hard.  I'm not that good.  I'm so slow, some people might have a hard time calling it a  run.  (and by people, I mean Rick)
The top female finisher in the Boston Marathon ran 26 miles in 2:22:36.  That was faster than my time for the last half marathon that I ran.  She is from Kenya.  2nd place was 2 seconds later by a woman from Michigan.  The USA only had 2 finishers in the top 15 women.
The top 2 male runners were from Kenya as well.  They finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes.  (4 seconds separated them).  Those Kenyans were built to run. There was only 1 male USA runner in the top 15 male finishers.
They reported that the weather conditions were ideal for a marathon this year.  It's just a matter of time before some INSANE runner comes in under the 2 hour mark.  And for those slow at math...that is under a 5 minute mile.  for 26 miles.  wow.

Really, I'm currently running so that I can justify the cute, new running outfit that I bought last week.  Whatever it takes...


Amara said...

I'm officially in training for the Hobble Creek half with Tia. I'm an idiot. Both knees hurt. My left foot hurts. My right hip hurts. A year of crazy boot camp cardio classes and 175 lb. deadlifts and no pain. Running comes in like an abusive lover and suddenly all of my joints are in pain. (but you can't beat that runners high --that flying feeling!)

Carroll Family said...

I WANT to like running.....

Jacobson Five said...

I can't believe people can run that fast! It makes me feel like I should really be able to run faster then a 12 minute mile, but I'm barely surviving as is.
Amara I am with you with all the aches and pains, except deadlifts still cause me pain.