Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Rick!

After my last post with the Conan O'Brian anniversary photo, Rick requested that I post some pictures of his hair.  So, in keeping with the birthday tradition that I have started this year, here are just a few pictures of Rick and all of his hair...
I don't think this is what he had in mind.  oh well.  it's my blog.

age 2

age 3, I love this one

First Day of first grade.  Take a good look at that lunch box.  
(I wonder how much that is worth now.  I would totally take that to the Antique Road Show)

First Grade Picture
April 1977, with his birthday goodies...a gun and a car.  
Bet he wishes that is what he's getting this year, too.


January 1988 in Scofield

OHS Senior Photo, class of '88
I had to include this one just for the slight view of the mullet.

April 10, 1994.  
This picture may have been taken by me.
February 1998, Summer's first day of Nursery.

Cole and Rick at the black sand beach on Maui, 12/2008

October 2008

Maui, 2008
 Nebo Loop, 2009

Glacier National Park, Logan Pass Visitors Center

Rick and Hooee

That one bridge 

The Big Island, 2010

And he can surf

Boy Camp 2010, going to the races

Hobble Creek Half Marathon, 8/2010
Rick was so nice.  When he finished, he turned around and ran back to find me so that he could finish the my last mile with me.

Happy Birthday Rick.  


Amara said...

1983 ---that's the classic "I'm now a teenager" face. Love it. Happy Birthday Rick!

Leslie said...

Awesome pics!! Happy Birthday Rick! How come none of your kids got his awesome red hair?