Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Technology...

Here are some images of Cole over the last year or so.  
He was always been very mechanical minded.  
When he was less than a year old, her would love to play with the flour sifter, turning the little handle, wondering how it worked.  
Her would crawl underneath Grandpa Waino's recliner and open it and close it over and over again to see how it worked.

I can only imagine what this kid is thinking as he gives the chain saw a once over...

Thank heavens for DVD players in the car...

Playing with the DS in Scofield:

While waiting for a ride in Disney World.  
It might look like he's watching a movie on Rick's phone, but really he is using a special APP to get us fast pass tickets on all rides at Disney World:

 Jon, Cole & Elizabeth (Cole's girlfriend)

And allowing Cole to play a game on the DS, allowed us plenty of free time in Hawaii to do girly things like paint our nails.

When we got back from Hawaii, Cole asked me if he could have a bath in the tub in my bathroom.
I figured it was a great idea so I could keep an eye on him while I unpacked my suitcase.
However, the cable TV wasn't working on the small bathroom TV for some reason which I could not explain.  here is our conversation...
Cole:  "mom can I have a bath in your tub?"
Me:  "Yes"
Cole:  "Can I watch a show?"
Me:  "The TV does not work, so you will have to watch a video."
Cole:  "Video?"
Me:  "yes.  Video."
Cole:  "mom, what is video?"
Me:  "you know, like a movie, a DVD."
Cole:  "oh.  DVD.  Then you should just say DVD, I don't know what video means."

Wow, I'm old.  Because I said "Video" and because my child does not know what that means.
Seriously though, it's not like a told him he could borrow my Sony Walkman.
Everyone knows what videos are, don't they?
And, by the way, I never owned a Sony Walkman.


Kristine said...

He puts my angry birds skills to shame.

Amara said...

Aren't all movies videos? ---and I've got three Sony Walkmans stuffed in my bottom desk drawer. Still work. :)