Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Beginnings: We Seek After These Things

  We had our New Beginnings Program for Young Women this past week.  I thought it went really well, so I wanted to share a few of the pictures/ideas in case it could benefit other YW.

We had about a dozen girls who have either just turned 12 or will be turning 12 in 2011.
Our Beehive leader wanted to spotlight each of them without taking a ton of time, so she created these "Candy Bar" posters that described each of the girls.  
It was a huge hit and they all turned out so cute and individual.
Here are some girls & the Bishop checking out some of the posters...
Here is one of the posters up close...

The theme for the evening came from the 13th Article of Faith:
"We Seek After These Things"
So we played on "seek" and came up with a treasure hunt idea.
Here are some of the decorations:

And the refreshments which mimicked the decorations and the invitations:

During part of the program, the YW went on a treasure hunt through the building where they found "treasures" which corresponded with the Young Women Values.
(I pretty much know NOTHING about that activity because while the Young Women were hunting for their treasures, I was using the computer and projector to explain to the parents how to use Personal Progress Online.)

I thought I would post this to help out other people in YW's, but in reality I have already talked to my sister about this and Audrey and Amara are the only other 2 people who read this and they were the ones who pulled this evening together, so really I'm not sure if anyone will benefit in planning future activities.  But, at least Amara and Audrey can enjoy the photos of their hard work... 


Carroll Family said...

Really fun ideas!!! I'm in primary, but I LOVE getting new ideas!

Amara said...

Yeah thanks! I got zero pictures. Why don't you submit it to Sugardoodle?

Jacobson Five said...

Yeah I didn't get any pictures either, so thanks! Glad everything came together!