Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary.  16 years.
And since Rick is working all day today/tonight, I thought I would post this picture for all to laugh at.
Rick took me to dinner a few days ago.  And to Hawaii last month.
So, we've celebrated.  Now, it's time to work.

What this picture does not show:
Because that it what it did all day.
Do you see me shivering in this picture.  I am.
Do you see how my veil is poofing all funny?
Well, Rick is holding part of it down against my back so that the whole dang thing doesn't just blow right away.
And, I would show you the signature Salt Lake Temple photo of the whole fam damily....
except that there isn't one.
Seriously.  I thought that was the whole reason for trapesing to the big city for an early morning wedding with 458 other happy couples, is so we could have the picture on the step on the east side with everyone who bothered to get up early and wait and wait and wait.
Nope, not us.  No such picture.
Too cold.
And a lame photographer.

On the bright side...
the tulips were beautiful and the ceremony was as well...what I can remember of it.

Oh, and as we were all done with that long, long morning at the temple, I remember getting changed and gathering up all of my stuff and trying to comprehend what had just taken place.  We were walking out of the temple and across North Temple to the parking lot and someone reached over and zipped up the back of my dress.  I was in such a hurry to get outta there that I forgot to have someone help me zip up the back of my dress after I changed.  How lovely.  The things we remember.
oh, and then there's story about the recommend...maybe next year.


Richard said...

Holy Crap it looks like you married Conan O'Brian in that one. You have to post one from now days that makes it look like you're married to Ron Howard. By the way thats not a smile on your face in that picture, it's the grimace from the 2nd stages of hypothermia.

Richard said...

Wow I can't believe how much hair I had 16 years ago. That sucks! Love ya thanks for a great 16 years.

Leslie said...

Next year?!?!! I dont think so, Missy...
Happy Anniversary!!!

Jacobson Five said...

Wow, you look so different in that picture!
If it makes you feel better...I fell down the stairs (twice) at my wedding reception!