Monday, December 14, 2015

February recap

Really, everyone hates February.  Everyone, but me.  I love February.  I love my birthday.
Another thing that I loved about February this year was RootsTech.  I went by myself.  I rode Frontrunner.  It was smooth.  I met a cute lady from Idaho on the train.  Neither of us had been before, so we maneuvered our way around 20,000+ people together to get our passes, figured out our schedules and our classes, then later we met for lunch.  She's a cutie.  Our selfies didn't turnout, so no pics, but we still text each other semi-regularly.  Also, I love RootsTech, because it makes me feel really young.  And kind of smart. 

Birthday time.  I love birthdays.  But, I do deactivate my Facebook account for a few days because I hate it that people just tell you Happy Birthday because Facebook tells them to.  I want people to remember my birthday and actually say something relevant to me.  I'm into quality--not quantity.

We have this thing for number candles around here.  But, we never seem to remember to buy them for the right days.  Well, we didn't have a 4 and a 5, so I chose to be 19.  It was a really great idea, but then someone discovered that by adding the 7 and the 0, it would be my birth year.  Which was fine because...more candles!!

And, if one cake is good--2 cakes is even better.

A blank book.  I love it.  Can't wait to fill those blank, unlined pages.

Sierra did this watercolor of our house.  It's perfect.

And a new laptop.  I totally didn't see that coming.  Thanks, Rick

Summer had a meeting in SLC for Youthlinc on the Saturday after my birthday, so we did a little celebrating on the way home.  Turning 45 was not too bad...

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Amara said...

So glad it was such a good time in your life. Also, yay Sierra! That was a nice piece. Now I want to try to do my house.