Friday, November 1, 2013

Sierra's Quilt

Sierra wants a new color for her bedroom.
She found a cute poster that is the inspiration for her updated bedroom.
I told her I would make the quilt and she would clean out her room and when both of these projects are completed then we would paint her room.
Well, the quilt is done, just waiting for Sierra to get her room cleaned out.

Sierra chose the colors and helped me decide what pattern to do on the quilt.
And we did something a little crazy that I'd never done before…
I ordered the fabric for the quilt online.
It was on sale and I found a free shipping code.
The whole idea made me nervous.
However, the fabric was Moda, so I knew that it would be quilting quality.
I was just worried about the color.  But, I think we did OK.
It's a little darker than it appears in the photo since it was taken outside in the bright sun.

I didn't have much extra to work with on the binding so I did it by hand this time rather than on the machine.  It takes forever, but I think it worked out better by doing it by hand.

I think it's time for a quilt for my bed…after I paint Sierra's room.


Amara said...

Goodness. By hand. That seems.....long and intense. You must love her -and have some good t.v. to call on when you need it. Lovely. I want to see the dark patches up close.

Carroll Family said...

Beautiful!!! Love the colors!!!