Saturday, October 26, 2013

3 LDS casting calls

Summer went to this photo shoot for the New Era in May of 2012.
It was published in October 2013.  
The Church Magazines have a publishing time of about 4-6 months after they shoot the photos.
6 tips for Scripture Study in the October 2012 New Era
and on LDS.ORG Youth Page.
(search: 6 tips for scripture study)

They told Summer to just wear regular school clothes.  She was wearing blue pants.  
Ooops, the background is blue.
We sat there for a few minutes and waiting while an assistant ran across the street to H&M and bought an outfit for her to wear for the shoot.  Super cute.  Too bad she didn't get to keep it!!
(How convenient to be located just across the street from City Creek, apparently they do that on a regular basis.)

Funny story about this one...
Summer had just barely done her nails in the black and white houndstooth pattern.
It was a kit and it took a while and it looked cute.
The next day she got a call for this shoot.
When she got there, she found out that the picture would show her hands.
So, we spent like 15 minutes trying to get every drop of houndstooth pattern off her nails.
Apparently it was too "trendy".  I can see now that it would be a little distracting in this photo.

The (CM)2 Project.
This photo shoot was last fall (2012).

This was a New Era article for the "No Cussing" Project.
It appeared in the New Era in March 2013.
When we got to Salt Lake, we discovered that the girl that was scheduled with Summer was also from MMHS.
A video was also made for this story, but at a different time and location.
Summer wasn't part of the video.

It's always so interesting to see who shows up for these photo opportunities.
They are particular in making sure that a whole range of ethnicities/backgrounds are represented.

Reclaimed Video shoot in Provo.
Summer 2012

Summer appears at about the 3 minute mark.  I love this video.


Amara said...

You are one nice momma to take your kids to these. tia gets the emails, and I always try to delete them before she sees them because i don't want to drive! Sometimes I suck. Anyway she looks super cute as always -- amazing to see how much sierra has changed in such a short time too!

Carroll Family said...

That's AWESOME!!!! My kids will think this is SO COOL! I'll have to find the articles.