Monday, May 23, 2011

Lunch with the Dalton Gang

Sisters, Dolores & Nan Nell
There are just two children in my Mom's family.  Dolores is older, by 9 years.
Melinda, Dolores, Nan Nell, Brandi, & Kelli
We have tried to plan for quite a while to get together and share our photos from our family history.  
It finally happened last Thursday.  We met at Melinda's house in Salt Lake. 
We ate lunch at Melinda's house--it was easiest that way since Dolores had recently had knee replacement surgery and it was difficult to get around. 

I had about 10 photos.  Nanners had a few more.  Dolores and Melinda had A LOT.  

Dalton photos
Most of these photos are originals and some are in very fragile condition.  
pages from Grandma Ethel's photo album
It's hard to tell with the black on black, but this is what remains of my Grandma Ethel's photo album. 
I was really brave, and just before we left I asked Dolores if I could take the photos and copy them.
I have a pretty full schedule for the next few weeks, but I told everyone that in July (or maybe September when school starts) I would scan the photos, we could try to label them, and then put them on a disc for everyone.  I was so afraid when I took the photos with me that I would put them in a special place and then forget where I put them.  But, for now they are locked up in the safe until I get a big chunk of time to devote to this project.

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