Saturday, May 28, 2011


There was an Elder's Quorum Activity a couple of weeks ago.
Rick has been (obsessively) working on his guns and his reloader toy lately, so he was excited to go.
He claimed that wives and responsible youth about age 15+ were invited.
Well, as things like this sometimes happen...
There were 4 men, 2 adult sons, and me.
"regulars" at the shooting range.  I didn't realize there was a pioneer dress code.
Brother Foster was giving us a short lesson in gun safety and shooting etiquette.
the 2 "adult" sons
This is what we were shooting at...
the view from the shooting range
And me!!  I think I impressed them all with my skills.  (it really didn't feel as awkward as it looks)
It was fun.  I hope I get invited next time.


Amara said...

Let us know when Rick actually has a Friday or Saturday off, and we'll go to the range together. I like it (even raised by hippie-type parents as I was). We go for a date there every few months or so.

Jacobson Five said...

How did I not hear about this activity? Was it while we were at Disney? Or were we just not invited because we don't own a gun?