Monday, May 23, 2011

My Aunt Dolores reminded me of a letter that she wrote when Summer was a baby.
It tells about some of the people whose pictures we looked at during lunch last week.
Here is the letter:

April 26, 1998
Dear Summer Ethel:
I want to write this little note for your mom to put in your baby book and book of remembrance when  you get one, so that you will be able to ready about how you got your name.  I am sure that your mom will tell you as you grow up that you were named after your Great-Grandma Ethel, your mom's Grandma.  She always said that she wanted to name her first daughter after her Grandma because she loved her Grandma Ethel so much.  Grandma also loved her just like she loved her Grandma.  Grandma would have been so happy to have seen her first Great-granddaughter named after her.  It made your Grandma Nan and me really happy too.  In fact, it made us to happy that when we saw you in the hospital, we cried.  Now, that doesn't make much sense, does it?  But that is how funny old ladies are.  Here is the story.
When you Great-Great-Grandma Norton was expecting Great-Grandma Ethel, she had a little girl just about nine year old named Nellie.  Nellie was so excited about the new baby, and she could hardly wait for the baby to be born.  However, Nellie got really sic just before the baby was born.  It seems that she had an appendicitis.  Now that is not a serious illness, but in those days, they had a hard time diagnosing it.  They just thought that Nellie had a stomach ache.  Her appendix burst and she became very, very sick.  When it looked like she might not live, she asked her Mother, Great-Great Grandma Norton to get out all of the little baby clothes for the new baby, and to let her see them, and to please promise to name the new baby after Nellie's favorite aunt, her Aunt Ethel.  Little Nellie died on November 5, 1915 and the new baby was born on January 11, 1916.  It was a little girl and she was named Ethel.  This little baby became my Mother and your Grandma Nan's mother, your Mom's Grandma, and your Great-Grandma.  You are her first great-grand child.  How neat for you to be named after her.  She was a great lady, and you should be very proud to be named after her.

Aunt Dolores

Some pictures...
 Here is a cute story about the above photo, taken in Parowan, Utah.
This is Ethel Norton.  
A professional photographer was coming around to the little towns in the area and taking photos.  Grandma Norton wasn't home so Clella (?) dressed up her little sister and had her picture taken.  Grandma Norton was so upset because certainly everyone should know that you never have pictures taken wearing dark stockings. 
This is my Great Grandma Norton.
I kinda love this picture because of the apron that she is wearing.
I remember my Grandma Ethel telling me once that Grandma Norton always wore an apron.  
She would get up in the morning and put on her apron.  She would work all day cleaning and cooking.  
After dinner was prepared, she would put on a clean apron. 
Then, the next morning, she would put on the same apron from the evening before and wear it all day.  Then she would put on her clean apron for dinner.  This cycle would continue for the week.

**I have a lot of pictures to scan, and I might be tempted to blog about them so that I can get comments and info about who, what, when, where, and why.
If you see (?) it means I am not certain and I need your information!!!!

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Amara said...

Dang. I've missed a ton of posts! Glad you're getting your personal progress/family history done. So enjoyable isn't it? I miss my little hour I had set aside (I've been seeing an acupuncturist right at that time lately), but I'm excited to get back to it. Pictures are my favorite link though -- it seems like the personalities come out in pictures even without stories to go with them (although both together are the best!).