Saturday, May 21, 2011


Bryan's wedding
Christmas 2009
Circleville, 1977
Capitol Reef, 2010
BK and Halle, Capitol Reef, 2010
Capitol Reef, 2010
Easter, 2011
Well, my plan was to steal borrow some pictures from my Mom when I was at her house last week.  
I wanted to get some pictures of BK from her younger days, you know, some cheerleading pictures, dance pictures, school pictures.  Embarrassing stuff.
But, it didn't happen.
2 reasons:

1.  Because apparently I drive TOO slow.
B.  Because I was too busy cutting out quilt squares for my mom and sister.

So, this little series of pictures will have to do.  
I will try to steal borrow some photos another time.
Happy Birthday.
I am lucky to have a sister like you.
Thank you for all you do for me and for putting up with me.
Hope you have a good one.
Let's get together and shop for fabric.  or sew a quilt.


Brandi said...

How nice! No one has ever done a post about me. Is this a new tradition? Next year I will o.k. The pictures and write up a few thoughts. Just kidding! Thanks that was super fun. You are totally my best sister!!!

Leslie said...

She is pretty awesome! The one thing I remember about Brandi is how AWESOME her handwriting is!!! I loved it! Happy Birthday Brandi!!