Sunday, May 29, 2011

Service, Generosity, and Compliments

We were in the car today and Cole started talking about what he learned in Church.
He told me about service and how they were making a chain in Primary that went all the way around the room.
Each time someone does a service, they can add a link to the chain.
It was quiet for a minute, and then Cole asked, "mom, what service do I do?"
I hesitated for just a second and then I remembered all of the service Cole does for our family.
Like when I cook.
He loves to help in the kitchen.  
I was getting ready to bake the other day and Cole noticed that my flour container was empty.  
So, he filled it without even being asked.  Definitely a service.
But, I do enjoy it when Cole cooks with me.  It's entertaining and I'm sure he'll outgrow it someday.  
So, for now I just try to enjoy every minute of it.

yes LeAnn...he is cooking spam
But I have to confess that I did wait until he was gone for a few hours Friday to bake 150 cookies for girls camp in a couple of weeks.  
I just didn't have enough time in my day to tackle that project with a very helpful 5 year old.

I must state for the record...Cole is generous.  
If he had the last package of M&M's in the entire world,  
He would eat one and share the entire rest of the package with everyone in sight.

And he is certainly full of compliments.
Well...except for about 3 weeks ago:
I was in the shower and Cole had to go to the bathroom--BAD.  
He bolted into the bathroom and ran into the toilet room and did his thing.
Then he ran right back out when he was done.
He paused halfway out the door and took about 3 steps backwards and said to me as I stood in the shower:
"Mom, when you wear your clothes you are so beautiful,
but like that (pointing at me)...Not so much.
Bye, I'm going to ride my bike!"

Next time I will be sure to lock the bathroom door when I shower.


Amara said...

Oh jeez. Nightmare. It might have been creepy if he said anything different though right? I've had Chase and Caleb see me along with Kai. I was screaming too loud to hear what they thought luckily.

Leslie said...

You do look beautiful with clothes.

Jacobson Five said...

That is hilarious!
I had no idea they were making a service chain. I have seen the chain, but just assumed it was for another ward. I gots to get my kids in gear.

rin said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! : )