Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you know you're a redneck when...

Actually, there are lots of ways I could finish this sentence but for last weekend, it was...
You know you're a redneck when you cook all of your meals for the weekend
over a fire
in your own backyard.

 For girls camp, we have to use 2 alternate forms of cooking.  
So, one of them will be over a fire.
The leader in charge of this didn't want to do hotdogs.
She suggested breadsticks, like Pizza Factory breadsticks that are wrapped around a stick...

 The bread sticks turned out  delicious.  
We were just missing some homemade honey butter.
 Summer approved!!

 So, the following night, we experimented with the other menu item for camp:  Pineapple.
Some of the leaders didn't think this was going to work...
This is why I think it IS going to work...
1.  Pineapple.  how can you mess that up.
2.  Spread it with butter & brown sugar.  Seriously.  How can you mess THAT up.
3.  it doesn't have to reach any certain temperature to be safe to eat.  
You just have to heat it up enough to make a nice caramelize coating on the pineapple--which was about 10 minutes (which also happens to be the maximum attention span of a 14 year old girl)

The backyard campfire thing has been such a hit, 
that Rick has been researching a more permanent set-up for our outdoor cooking.  
This could be fun, the only problem was that Sunday morning when I got showered and ready for church EVERYTHING in my closet smelled like campfire.  
I just told everyone at church that I was just getting a head start for Girls Camp next week.
All in the name of research.


Amara said...

Looks like fun! Now my kids are saying they want a "campfire thing" in the backyard. Can't wait for camp (OK --really can't wait for it to be done, but it'll be fun a little-- right? right?).

Brandi said...

We have to get together and do this sometime. Looks like fun. Have fun at camp. See you Saturday at 3:30 am.