Monday, May 16, 2011

playing catch up

hey everyone, I'm back from my blogcation.  thanks to a sinus infection and other things that overwhelmed me.  like laundry.  but some of you said nice things about our recent photo shot so I will tell you a little bit more...While we were in Hawaii Summer found the website for the casting for The Hunger Games.  Summer fit the description for Prim.  So, she wanted to send in an application.  with the 10,000 other people that had already submitted an application.  (an application for an audition.  10,000 people had already applied for a spot for an audition.  that's a lot of people.)   but, someone has to get the spot, right?  And she hadn't had her picture taken since she got her braces off, so I made an appointment with the amazing Shannon.  But, then I can't take pictures of just one kid.  So, Sierra got in on the action as well.  And then I thought...."I don't want Cole to think he's not as important as the take his pic, too."  And then I realized that I didn't have any good pictures of just myself in case i find a role I want to audition for.  or just to update my facebook profile.  or whatever.  So, then I figured why not just get some shots of everyone?  Then I remembered that my friend, Sadie, needed some updated head shots for her portfolio since she recently cut her hair.  I had to twist her leg to get to to agree to an impromptu photo shoot.  I had about 48 hours notice and I gave Sadie about 24 hours notice.  We didn't purchase one single new item for this photo shoot.  that was awesome.  we just pulled something our of the closet.  except for Cole...he just pulled something off the floor.
We went to Sadie's in the afternoon and she did our hair and make-up.  We all started with our "straight" hair.  then as the amazing Shannon snapped away on one person, someone else would go back in to Sadi'e for a wardrobe change and a hair update.  it was crazy fun.  and slightly cold.  Sierra was almost done and the sun came out for just a few seconds right before it went over the mountains.  Sierra was just standing there and the light was perfect and Shannon captured her smile beautifully.  (the photo of Sierra in white)
Once my gang was done taking photos, Sadie came out and had some photos taken.  When Shannon takes my picture, she has to tell me how to sit and how to tip my head and not to squint and not to blink.  Uhhh, not so much with Sadie.  She just sat right done and hit a pose.  and another pose.  and another.  She is GOOD.  Her pictures turned out fantastic.

OK, so back to the Hunger Games...Summer used the picture on the bottom left for her application.  I had to laugh when she put on her application that she was available for an immediate audition.  in LA.  like it's right around the corner.  like we can just hop a plane to the big city with a minutes notice.  Oh well.  We checked the website daily.  And a few weeks after she submitted her application, the role of Prim was cast.  It was a newbee.  So, it looks like we will not be relocating to North Carolina for the taping of the Hunger Games after all.  It is scheduled to be released on March 23, 2012.

Here is a picture of Willow Shields, who will be playing Primrose Everdeen...
Willow Shields Picture
So, that is the story of the photo shoot.
thanks, Sadie & Shannon.  You both are amazing at what you do.  

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Jacobson Five said...

I'm not so sure about the Willow Shields casting. I really hope they pluck her eyebrows, that might be hard to watch.
By the way, have you see the picture of Katniss on the cover of entertainment weekly. I think she looks pretty good.