Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what I heard at lunch last week...

Just before we went to Hawaii, my Aunt Pam who lives in Salt Lake was in a terrible car accident in Spanish Fork Canyon.  She and her husband were on their way to Houston to help a long time friend that had some health problems.  It was storming and Pam & Ed were trying to get out of town and on the road before the storm hit.  Unfortunately, the roads were already bad as they were going up Billy's Mountain.  A truck was sliding towards them and they were hit pretty bad.  It took them quite a while to get help because of the weather.  They took Pam & Ed to UVRMC.  Rick wasn't working, but one of his partners called him as soon as they found out there was a connection.  Rick and I went to the hospital to check on them and be there until the rest of the family could be notified.  

Last week Pam had a follow up appointment in Provo so they planned to meet at Arctic Circle for lunch.  Mom brought Brandi. Rick and I came with Cole after he got out of school.  Lanny was there working, of course, so we had a little family lunch.  It was fun.  And tasty.  

So, here is the story that I heard at last last week...
Pam mentioned something about when she was little and she lived with Aunt Jenny.
I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked why she lived with Jenny.

When my dad was 3 (born in March) and Pam was 18 months (born in September) my Grandma Faye delivered twin girls, Connie and Carma.
They were tiny, just 3 pounds.  The doctor told her to take them home, put them in shoe boxes and place a light bulb under the boxes to help keep them warm and safe.  
Well, with 4 kids under age 3 and 2 tiny newborns to take care of, Faye sent Pam down the road to live with Aunt Jenny who didn't have any children at the time.  Pam said she lived there for about a year.
She remembers Jenny being strict.  She remembers being potty trained at Aunt Jenny's house.  One memory she had was sneaking into the room where her clothes were folded neatly in a box and trying to sneak out a pair of dry panties so aunt Jenny wouldn't know that she had an accident.

This picture must have been taken just a year or so after the twins were born.  
I wonder who made those dresses.  
My Grandma Faye could crochet like no other.  
But how in the world would she have time for that with 4 little ones?

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Leslie said...

What an interesting/awesome story!!! Im sorry to hear they were in an accident! How scary. SF canyon scares me! And I live at the mouth of it! That must have made some impact on her for her to remember potty training. And the part about putting them in a shoe box. My how times have changed!