Saturday, August 6, 2011

Geocaching at the END OF TRACK

We made a quick trip to Scofield a couple of weeks ago.
Summer had checked on the internet to see if there were any geocaches nearby.
There were TONS.
The only problem is that it didn't do any good to download the GPS coordinates to my phone because there is no cell service and therefore no GPS.
(And there is no internet service, natural gas, or indoor plumbing.  kind of.)
So, Summer wanted to ride towards Clear Creek because she thought there was a geocache.
I thought it was crazy, but I always love to ride to Clear Creek, so we headed out one evening.
The only clue that Summer could remember was "...end of the track"
Which totally sounded vague until we saw this sign.

 It was in a camouflage colored baking soda type container.
We scored some cute little trinkets and filled it with some of our own junk treasures.

Good thing for all of those coal trains that there is a sign warning them that it is the END OF TRACK.
Otherwise, they might run into that big pile of rocks.
PS.  I will be leaving for Scofield tomorrow.
For a week.
If you need to get a hold of me...
too bad.

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Kristine said...

Cole convinced gma & gpa to take him there again when he was up there with them. I think he wanted to get his junk back.